#JoinUs at the inaugural Social http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/b_ventolin.html Enterprise Festival (#SEFestival2015) which takes place at Greenwich University from 11th May!

The long-term vision for the Social Enterprise Festival is about reaching communities that may not be able to access opportunities, to learn about creating social change and making a positive difference in society through social enterprise.

Solve the Social Entrepreneur’s Challenge – Monday 11th May 2.30pm – 6.00pm

Collaborate, learn & design with a team of fellow aspiring social entrepreneurs, to solve a real business challenge.

We will be hosting this ½ day workshop for inspired social entrepreneurs like you! The client, GlobalNet21, has a membership of 25,000+ people, and exists to bring genuine debate back to public life.

GlobalNet21 need to ensure they are around for the next generation which means that they, like other social enterprises, need to work out how to balance their competing priorities.

Your task as a Social Enterprise Consultant is to unearth solutions that can help them to achieve this.

As part of the workshop we will introduce you to tools that will help you get under the skin of the design challenge, exploring more rounded solutions.

How will this workshop benefit you: 

Are you an aspiring social entrepreneur?

Do you already have extensive knowledge within the industry?

Or are you just testing the waters?

This will be a great opportunity for you, to learn more about social entrepreneurship with real life challenges and issues we face today. At this workshop, you will be able to integrate your own innovative ideas within the #socent community!

This will also be a great platform for you to share and develop your ideas further, gaining insight from experts within the industry. For more experienced social entrepreneurs, this will give you a chance to enhance your skills and share them among others . OR If you simply just love to solve problems within a business and enjoy coming up with solutions, then this is will also be a great place for you!

Social Enterprise Debate 2015 – Friday 15th May

Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts and concerns about social impact? Well now’s the time as you can be part of the first ever Live debate at the Social Enterprise Festival!

The debate topic this year is: All entrepreneurs should be social entrepreneurs.  Expect intense, exciting, thought-provoking discussion and debate. You will be able to participate in the debate and  ask the panel questions.

FYI the panel line-up is amazing, with inspiring entrepreneurs who have years of experience within the Social Enterprise industry. You can expect people such as the Managing Director of EPG (Economic Policy Group), one of the UK’s top 10 business advisers in 2015. With a working life that spans three decades and different sectors and the CEO of Social Enterprise UK.

But don’t stop there, there’s more to see!

The Social Enterprise Festival emphasises raw issues that impact our social community. The Social Enterprise Festival is a great way to explore and find solutions for these very  issues within social enterprises today.

Here are our Top 4 talks and workshops: (in no particular order) 

1. Solve the Social Entrepreneur’s challenge – of course 😉  – _SocialStarters‘ Andrea and Eddie will be running the workshop, along with facilitator Dharmesh Mistry.

One of the biggest challenges that social entrepreneurs regularly face is the healthy balance between social purposes versus generating profit. With our approach to business innovation, you’ll collaborate, learn and design very real solutions to this very real brief!

Click here to book tickets now: bit.ly/1K1bpoR

2. Enterprising ways to deliver sustainable social changeRobert Ashton, Social Entrepreneur & Author

Explore how you can get involved in making a positive impact in the community through taking entrepreneurial action and winning the support you need.

3. Creating digital stories & social reporting (who doesn’t like getting creative?! ) – Francis Sealey, Chairman of GlobalNet21

You will look at the difference between social reports and digital story-telling and you will have a go at recording some digital stories in real time!

4. The Big Social Enterprise Debate – Friday 15th May

The Big Social Enterprise Debate is part of the closing ceremony of the Social Enterprise Festival which is a week-long event offering communities, students, aspiring and current social entrepreneurs, free learning experiences for social change.

Get your tickets on Eventbrite now! First come first serve basis only. So hurry!

Written by Shalini Sehgal.