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Next Volunteer & Client Intake: Summer 2018 (May-July) Location: UK
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"I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a break from the ordinary. "

Oliver Carter, Vice President: Government and Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Bank, UK

What We Do

We support a new wave of entrepreneurs who see beyond the basics of profit. They value a commercial mindset but want to solve society’s biggest challenges through business. Whether it’s a social enterprise catering company who employs homeless young people, a social business who manufactures organic cotton underwear in order to give more pants to people in poverty and save farmer’s lives, a digital company looking to solve the issue of pollution in their city through car-sharing, or an organisation dedicated to the reduction of mental health issues in children; our clients have a clear mission and they know how to make an impact.

Our unique incubator brings volunteer expertise from the world of business to help our client’s founders build brands, make more sales, be less reliable on funding and lead efficient business growth to scale.

What are you interested in?

Between us we have over 100 years professional experience in volunteering, international development, social enterprise and business.

Which Opportunity Is Right For You?


We run a specialist matching service for independent volunteers who want to undertake a specific, specialist consultancy project for 3 months. We match our volunteers with social enterprises, social businesses and ethical businesses who are between 6 months and 6 years olds. You choose your hours, length of service, whether it’s part time, full time or a set number of hours a week. A small programme fee covers admin, on-boarding, access to our indespensible Consultants Toolkit packed full of useful resources, as well in-country programme support. Our new intake will be in May 2018. Applications open February. This is a highly competitive programme for business professionals with a minimum of 6 years’ experience in a specialist area such as finance or marketing. Express your interest by signing up below. 



We are looking for 20 founding clients to join our Summer incubator. This is a programme for socially impactful start-ups. From early stage start-ups looking to develop their first pilot, through to 6 year old community organisations used to fighting fires year in year out, if you run a social enterprise, social business or ethical business then we’d love to support you. We understand the struggle to recruit new employees and build teams – from the high costs associated with recruiter fees to the time it takes to fulfill the recruitment process. Not to mention the time it takes to train new employees, freelancers and volunteers as well as dealing with staff turnover. We remove the pain providing low-cost exerptise to support you over an agreed period of time to work on core projects aimed to grow your business and make what you do sustainable. Freeing you up to focus on impact.



Join Us?

Our clients are on a mission to change the world around them. The entrepreneurs we work with benefit from low cost expertise for an agreed timeframe, as well as gaining an extra pair of hands to reduce some of the pressure that comes from running a start-up, learning new skills in a specialist areas of business. As a result our start-ups are able to focus on social and environmental impact whilst discovering the tools, techniques and strategies that make many of the FTSE 500 companies financially sustainable.

We support our volunteers through training and coaching to create a unique career development or career break experience that enables them to make the most of the time they spend on their business assignment. And on top of all that, volunteers get to immerse into a new community and learn about developing a social enterprise in challenging but emerging business environments.

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