“One of the best decisions of my life. I have gained so much more than I could have ever imagined. 10/10.”

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Kylie Philbin

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group – USA

Having the opportunity to join a UK social enterprise start-up in its early changes was an eye-opening experience and has helped shape my future career path in social entrepreneurship. You will have the opportunity to share your voice and past experiences while learning from your client so that you can co-create sustainable change. This experience reignited my passion for working at a social enterprise that has faded a bit while working at a big management consulting firm. Working at Impact Hub added extra value, and I even won a competition to go to a social enterprise conference in Lisbon! Thank you Social Starters for this opportunity!

Jeroen Vaassen

Senior Director, Revenue Management – Singapore

It was very inspiring for me to spend a few days in the UK working with Inspirational Youth, to learn about the business, which definitely triggered some thoughts on my career path moving forward… I believe we made some big steps forward and came to some very interesting insights… I am now back in Asia and starting my own company. Following the _SocialStarters assignment I had a few smaller projects outside my usual area of Luxury Hotels & Resorts and am now temporarily back in an interim role for a hotel company (Shangri-La) until end of Feb. Then off to new adventures… 

Beth Pilgrim

Former Corporate Fundraiser, now Year Here fellow 2017/18, UK

My UK social starters experience was brilliant, I was lucky to work with a great social enteprise at the beginning of their journey and was able to make a real difference using skills I had developed from corporate career. The learning materials and the _SocialStarters Consultants Toolkit provided throughout the programme are extremely useful, I got lost in there with helpful templates, presentations, workshop outlines and guides. I ran a crowdfunding workshop for my client, as well as helped her work on her fundraising strategy. I based myself in the Impact Hub co-working space 2 days a week and worked another 2 days each week from home, and it was great having that hybrid experience. I have now embarked on a career in the social enterprise sector and I’m sure I couldn’t have made this change without the experiences gained from programme,  so thank you!

Nick Ferguson

Former Brand Director, Estee Lauder Companies, UK

For the last 11 years I’ve worked for a large multi-national business in London and during a period where work became particularly stressful I decided to look into the option of a sabbatical with the intention of taking a break, clearing my mind, hopefully learning something new and giving something back.  What I like about Socialstarters is the fact that they take a bespoke approach to matching experienced professionals’ abilities with the needs of entrepreneurs in the social space. I was introduced to my client Sheila via a skype call and given an overview of her business and the challenges she needed help with. I was also given guidance on where to stay and what to expect from my trip. My experience was brilliant, one which I will never forget and I felt like I was learning all the time. I can’t recommend this experience highly enough!

Filipa do Carmo, Founder, United Kitchens
We mainly needed initial funding to start recruiting and paying the immigrants that will be working with us. And then I needed to recruit a new co-founder. Our experience with _SocialStarters has been beyond my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough! In 2017 we received 2 Consultants from the programme taking on various assignments including delivering our pilot in summer, putting in place fundraising strategies as well as finding my new co-founder by the end of the year. Her name is Fan and she has done the On Purpose programme, and i’m so pleased that Kylie helped me find her! We were very sad to see Kylie leave… it’s been amazing working with her and I am so grateful to have her for the 3 months that we did. Both her and Beth worked with me in my co-working space a couple of days a week and really got into the social enterprise community. It’s clear to say that without _SocialStarters I could not have launched in the UK last year. I would have found salaries for these bright, talented women so I appreciate how much value I got from this.
Eammon Madden, Founder, Inspirational Youth

I needed support generating enough revenue and managing finances well enough for the founding members to be able to focus almost entirely on strategy and growing the business instead of operational tasks staff could be employed to carry out. I also wanted help creating new products and services which aren’t so focussed on the individual founders’ personalities and/or skills or them being physically present during delivery. Jeroen, a revenue management expert from the luxury hotel industry in Asia worked with me to do this and visited the UK for 4 days to carry out a face to face planning session. I cleared my diary for those days, he really immersed into our world and the output of our work was a 5 year strategy and financial modelling so we could create sustainable income streams and a diversified range of products and services so we are not so dependent on a single stream (government contracts) as we are now. It was a really valuable experience. I’m looking forward to working with your Consultants again!

Sunil Makwana

Investment Banking Professional & On Purpose Graduate, UK

“I had a great experience with my clients and feel the partnerships with the British Council and The Good Market can offer a lot. I learnt technical and softer skills from both clients and fellow consultants and came away from the programme with a clearer vision of my future career.

Paul Goff

Former Supply Chain Consultant, Deloitte, UK

“I’ve attended dozens of training courses and workshops in my time, and I have to say that the format, style and quality of the programme and training has been exceptional. I’ve learnt more than I ever could have imagined on topics such as social enterprise, lean start-ups and the local market. It’s been a fully rounded and immersive experience.”

Shruti Aurora

Fashion Retail Merchandising Specialist, Canada

I wanted to begin by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Immersion experience. Two months later, I can still feel the heat of the smoldering sun on my back, and the tingling warmth of all the beautiful memories made. I’m all smiles thinking about it. Not only did I get to know and work with some of the most amazing people, but I walked away feeling wholesome and fulfilled, a feeling that I was in desperate search for. The whole experience was so profound and enriching at so many levels. I truly admire all that you have accomplished. It really is an inspiration for me and the many others who want to help change the world for the better, but just don’t know how to. One step at a time is what I tell myself now. Kudos to you for all your great work! Thank you once again for the lovely 6 weeks.”

Emma Wilson

Former Brand Controller, L’Oreal, UK now lives in Hong Kong

“When I came to Hyderabad I knew that I would be learning a lot from the _SocialStarters team, Andrea, Anna and Ryan. Between them these guys have an incredibly vast range of experience, wealth of knowledge and a unique, truly effective delivery style! What I hadn’t anticipated at all, however, is just how much I would also learn from my fellow consultants. We have the most incredible range of talent within the room, covering almost every topic you can imagine, from developers to entrepreneurs. It’s been incredible getting to know each persons background and I can tell that I will be lucky enough to gain something insightful from each one of them.”

Leah Jane Musch

Sustainable Fashion expert, Australia

“I walked away from the experience in Rio da Janeiro with my head overflowing with new ideas and inspiration. Don’t worry if you’re not confident and knowledgable in business/finance/social enterprise – I can guarantee that you’ll walk out feeling like a pro. _SocialStarters have tapped into an emerging business world, and it’s exciting to learn about the incredibly innovative ways people are doing business AND doing good at the same time.”

Louise Thompson

Former International Corporate Investigator & On Purpose Graduate, UK

“The most exciting thing for me in Rio wasn’t just what an incredible variety of people and knowledge we had there in the room, it was how quickly we all began to discover new parts of ourselves and bring out different talents in each other. As I start working with my client now I feel reassured not only that I have access to a broad range of expertise from the other consultants, but also that I have a strong network of support – not to mention a lot of new friends!”

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