After we finished the _SocialStarters programme in Hyderabad the grand plan was to spend the next 7 weeks exploring the rest of India.

India is a huge country with so much diversity and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in.
However, after the first couple of weeks we soon found that ticking off the To-Do list in the Lonely Planet was not giving us the same satisfaction that we found in Hyderabad.
Why was this, we wondered?
Eventually we realised that our time on the _SocialStarters programme had been such an immersive experience, allowing us to feel a real part of the community, culture and local experiences. We went to festivals with the locals, we ate in some of the most questionable but delicious ‘dives’ and even partied all night to the sounds of Bollywood’s finest DJs.
Working alongside the social enterprises gave us real insights into the challenges faced by communities in India and it felt great to be a part of their plans to address these problems.
We were thirsty for more of this.
Therefore, after a few hours of research and a couple of emails back and fourth we now find ourselves in Kalimpong, West Bengal, where we are now offering some Consultancy support to Mondo Challenge, an NGO focused on childhood education and livelihoods.
Mondo Challenge gives support to schools in the local areas by providing teaching materials, science equipment, educational grants and teacher training, benefitting the lives of over 2,000 children. They also have a revenue generating model through their Village Discovery Tour.
So we just wanna say huge thanks to _SocialStarters for inspiring us to ‘travel with purpose’ everywhere that we go!
Interested in finding out how you can develop your career whilst travelling with purpose like Paul and Emma? We have a number of programmes ranging from 2 to 6 weeks that give you a platform to experience grassroots culture, whilst sharing your professional skills and knowledge to innovate change in urban and rural communities within Brazil, Sri Lanka and India. Check out our website and if you’d like to apply for a programme send you CV and a cover note to