_SocialStarters catches up with Rahul from RideIT to discuss the impact the Immersion Programme has had on their business.

RideIT is an auto sharing startup based in Hyderabad, which aims to improve transport efficiency on the roads.  Already established as a car pooling service, RideIT are now venturing into a new service, ‘RideIT Shuttle’:

“We hire vehicles, mostly 12 seater vehicles and apply them on our popular car pool routes where the number of people asking for lifts are more than the number people offering lifts” said entrepreneur Rahul when we spoke to him.

Since first working with the _SocialStarters team in 2015, Rahul describes the initial period of trying to secure funding while him and his co-founder were working from their own homes: “The first two consultants we had were Rob and Emma, and they helped us formalise the business to make it more presentable to investors, find out features or suggest features that would help improve the service, and basically install the confident where we could pitch to investors and improve the entire service.”

After the initial programme with _SocialStarters, RideIT were able to successfully secure funding, leading to incredibly fast development of the business.  

Recently RideIT were working with Social Impact Consultant Linda on raising new venture capital to continue to expand even further. “Her timing was perfect… She was working with us to develop a business plan and basically leverage her network where we could be open to the possibility of raising funding, not just from the country but beyond. There is a lot of work when you are preparing for funding and here Linda was very helpful with her experience and background.”

Rahul continued to discuss the positive impact the _SS programme had on RideIT and hopes these changes will continue to be sustainable ways of working within the organisation. This impact can be shown through official user numbers rising from 5,000 in the beginning to 15,000 currently! “From a point where the whole company was two of us and we did not know how to go ahead, to coming to a point now where we are a 9 member team and we are looking to expand our business to another city. This whole growth over the last 1 year, 3months has been fuelled and greatly been impacted with the kind of consultants social starters has helped us get. So this wouldn’t have been possible without the kind of help we got from Social Starters.”

India – Deadline is 15th July 2016

Brazil – Deadline is 27th July 2016

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