We asked people on social media, where would you like to go to launch and develop youthful social start-ups in hard to reach places. We offered a choice of #Kenya, #Brazil, #SriLanka, #CostaRica, #India and #Myanmar.

The resounding response was India and Brazil, which was great news as we’d already started thinking about going to India. Brazil was merely but a pipedream.


But… we’re super excited to announce that _SocialStarters is heading to Brazil in June 2015 for a 6-8 week programme in Rio de Janeiro, to work specifically with creative youth projects and enterprising start-ups.

And we’re looking for skilled professionals, grads and volunteers to join us. You can find out more information about the opportunity on Escape The City.

This programme is a unique social enterprise volunteer programme for career breakers, career changers, sabbaticalists, grads and freelancers who are passionate and youth, creative arts and enterprise.

You would receive a one week bootcamp that equips you with all the tools to design a learning process for creative youth projects start-ups that will see them implementing positive change in their communities through urban arts, as well culture and enterprise.

In the year before the 2016 olympic games hits Brazil, can you afford not to get involved?

A basic knowledge of Portugese or Spanish is an advantage but certainly not essential.

Trainee Social Enterprise Consultants will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £400.00 and the balance of the programme fee will be due in May 2015. Programme Costs are still to be confirmed, but will be in the region of £2000.00 and it covers comfortable accommodation, wifi, SIM, phone credit, all programme related expenses and city-wide travel. You’ll just need to cover food – and get yourself there.