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We are excited to announce our new 2 Week Consultancy Assignments for business specialists and experienced professionals in the professional services industries.

We have frequently heard from people all around the world asking us if we can arrange a volunteering placement for them for a shorter period of time than our 6 Week Immersion Programme. We often get emailed by busy professionals who love to volunteer but just aren’t in a position to quit their jobs, and sabbaticals can take a while to get signed off.

We all need a break from work from time to time, to really switch off and do something completely different – even if it’s just for a few weeks. And for some, lying on a beach just doesn’t cut it, after all, it’s hard to leave your work at home and sometimes doing something engaging and productive is more restful than doing nothing at all.


Consultants Stefan & Paul celebrate Holi festival in Hyderabad, India.

Do any of the following relate:

  • You feel like the best way to travel is to immerse yourself into the culture of local people and live in the community, often getting away from the beaten path
  • You are looking for a unique travel adventure where you get to share your skills and make an impact in the lives of others
  • You are at a stage in your career where you want to develop your skills, learn new ones and build your experience on your CV
  • You are passionate about entrepreneurship, maybe you want to work more in social entrepreneurship, but ultimately you want to make a positive contribution in the world

If you said Yes! to one or more of these statements then we’d love to hear from you. We designed this 2 week consultancy assignment programme for people just like you.

Following the launch of our flexible solo volunteering programme _TheAssignment in the summer of this year, we’ve pulled together a special 2 week consultancy assignment package for busy professionals who want to do something different on their time off from work.

If you have 6+ years of experience in a professional services field, or are a specialist in a specific business area ie marketing, sales, business development, strategy, digital then do get in touch!

What is a 2 Week Consultancy Assignment?

We will match you with an entrepreneur in India, in the melting pot of Hyderabad, a buzzing vibrant energetic city that claims to be the tech start-up capital of India.

Over the course of your time abroad, you’ll work on a pre-agreed project brief, with clear objectives for the time you have. We’ll help you set realistic goals with your client ahead of your arrival and we’ll prepare you with any necessary knowledge, insights and tools that will make your consultancy assignment hit the ground running!

The Programme Fee Covers:

  • Admin, matching with client & initial introductions
  • Your vetted, inducted and assessed client
  • In-Country Local Contact
  • Virtual Support & Coaching
  • 14 nights 3*/4* Accommodation: vetted and secured
  • The _SocialStarters: Start-Up Manual (e:Book)
  • A Consultancy Guide
  • Essential Pre-Programme Readings
  • In-Country Guide to Hyderabad

Application Process:

  1. CV & Cover Letter submitted
  2. Selected for interview
  3. Initial 30min chat with _SocialStarters and Consultant
  4. Offer made / place secured 

When do you travel:

This will be carried out as a flexible solo assignment when you choose the dates of travel based on your current circumstances. Alternatively we are available to discuss group assignments for friends & colleagues as well as corporate bookings.

We are currently taking bookings for travel up until June 2017. For dates beyond please drop us an email to discuss.

For full details of the programme fee (£1280.00 per person), what’s included and examples of typical assignments, please drop us an email to discuss and put “Two Week Consultancy Assignment” in the subject heading.

Want to find out more? Have a read of Linda’s experience in Hyderabad this summer, working with RideIT a car pooling start-up.

My Assignment in Hyderabad