My name is Nick Feneck and I am the Program Coordinator and Researcher for the May-June intake of the India program, based in Hyderabad.

After graduating with an MA in 2013, I started the fairly tedious process of applying to a variety of grad schemes within certain rigid professions: law, consultancy and finance in particular. None of which I had a lot of interest in, so it came as no surprise when they questioned my commitment to the corporate cause.

Nevertheless, my first job was working for a subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group, benchmarking investment banks’ IT and human capital (a term I hope to never to say again) programs against their peer group. It lasted three months. For my next job I lasted significantly longer – just over a year – working in the corporate investigations and due diligence team at a leading global risk management consultancy. Leaving the corporate world behind was inevitable for me. I found myself alienated from the work I was doing and the values that underpin it.

I actually stumbled across social entrepreneurship. I knew I wanted to work in a high-growth, entrepreneurial environment, and I knew that I wanted to do something that had a more direct, positive impact on society – an ideal I guess I have developed from studying human rights at length during my academics. Social entrepreneurship nicely fits into both camps. A misconception is that this line of work is relaxed. Its challenges lie in the lack of comfort and the constant struggle to remain resourceful and innovative, but it is also incredibly rewarding and stimulating!

I applied to Social Starters because they offered the chance to work in a completely different environment. Hyderabad has been labelled the tech capital of India, and I’m looking forward to working with some exciting, young companies. Furthermore Social Starters itself is a young, ambitious company, and I’ve seen how dedicated and passionate the team are to its development. It’s great to now be a part of it!

If you’d like to #JoinUs in India on our next Immersion Programme (forthcoming dates: August & October) in the role of Social Enterprise Consultant we only have a few places left so hurry, don’t delay! Send us your CV and a cover letter to or find out more HERE. Closing date 21st May 2015. You can find out more about our programmes and dates on our website