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Here are some of our published pieces & interviews:

Metro (Jan ’17)

“Three trips with a heart”


Natwest SE100 Blog (Sept ’16)

“The Social Entrepreneurs who don’t know they’re social entrepreneurs”


Verge Magazine – Travel With Purpose (Aug’ 16)

‘How to volunteer at the Olympics – and beyond’


CareerShifters (April’ 16)

‘From Office Worker to Digital Nomad’


Travel Pulse (Jan ’16)


iGenius (Jan ’16)


The Rio Times (Dec ’15)

‘New Rio Social Entrepreneurship Program Wraps Up the Year’

El Pais (Dec ’15)

‘O menino que emprestava livros’


Creators For Good (Oct ’15)

Interview with Andrea Gamson


The Innovation Trail (Sept ’15)

‘Supporting Farmers Through Organic Farming – A Day in the Village of Vilappuram’


Schildershoven Blog (Aug ’15)

‘Going Global Without a Fortune’


Escape The City (April ’15)

‘How Did Mindfulness Change My Life?’


Red Bull Amaphiko Magazine (April ’15)

‘How to… Build A Killer Advisory Board’


Press Releases:

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