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Adventure. Uncertainty. Rural. Opportunity. Vitality. Innovation. Life. Love. Excitement.

Here I am.  Exactly 2 weeks have past since I came to this “miracle” place called Auroville with _SocialStarters. 15 days and yes, I haven’t been able to put my thoughts and first impressions into words. This place is just something else. Something that I would have never imagined.

So how would I describe Auroville in a few words?  Auroville is an independent little village with a tremendous meaningful social-impact driven community. And what really stands out is their environmental consciousness, their spirituality and sense of community. They say: Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. Sounds really strange at the beginning, but somehow they are following their vision, or to be more precise, the vision of the Mother, who came up with the idea of the experiment in human unity.

Anyway, to understand Auroville you have to become Aurovillian and that’s another whole story.

During our first week we stayed in a beautiful Guesthouse called Vérité. Organic food, yoga classes, bike tours and a pretty packed workshop week was awaiting us. The workshop week included many fruitful conversations, debates and talks about Social Entrepreneurship, Business Start up Methods, Consultancy tools & techniques and Cross cultural working.

And this was merely the beginning, one of my personal highlights of the week was the client visit. At the end of the week all the consultants got to visit or meet their clients. Let me write a little bit more about my consultancy project in one of my next posts.

Just a few impressions of our first days:

At the weavers placeQuote if the dayNaturally dyeing of indian cotton fabrics DSC00743Tour de Auroville DSC00739Pondicherry

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