Written by Anuschka Schweizer

After my last professional project I felt quite worn-out and empty.

Yes, I thought, a break would be good! A break to review and figure out what I wanted to do for my living to feel more satisfied and happy.

A break to gain breathing space and think it all over.

NO, wait a minute! NOT to think, better – experience and feel!!

I’ve been self-employed for more than 12 years doing change & project management for big economic enterprises. Inevitably, I am so much used to thinking, making plans, change concepts and solving issues.

Maybe, that’s why I then decided not to make any plans for my break in the first place. It felt exhausting.

Instead I started learning ukulele and keyboard.

What a treat!

But then, after a period of time my “inner finance & productivity minister” told me quite firmly to speed up my “what do I want to do for work” process.

I knew “he” was giving me fire because I had a lucrative project offer on the table.

Besides that, gradually I also wanted to do something productive again and feel my own effectiveness.

On the other hand, I knew I was not ready to go back to my old professional life without any changes. So I argued with my (ahem) finance minister that I needed more inspiration and different (professional) experiences to make this time-consuming and difficult process, successful.

It took me a while but he eventually gave in. I can be very persistent 😉 Shortly after though, I came across the _SocialStarters Program in Hyderabad, India.


That’s what I thought, as I was reading it.

Sharing skills to enable people and enterprises where it really matters, as well as working in an international team with other consultants and learning from each other, appeared like the experience & inspiration I was looking for.

Looking forward to making together a real difference for everybody involved!

Let’s get started ?

If you’d like to #JoinUs and share your skills in either India, Sri Lanka and Brazil then check out the opportunities available on our website and feel free to get in touch.