Written by Amy Waldron

About nine months ago I started seeing a career coach provided by my previous employer. I was well and truly stuck mentally. I had always known that the corporate world was not really for me but I had spent the last 10 years in that environment and like so many others I knew, I just didn’t know the answer to “If not this, then what?” I had completed my yoga teacher training earlier that year and the philosophy and ethics elements had forced me to ask some tough questions of who I wanted to be and what life I wanted to live.

I had already gone down to working four days a week and started teaching part-time. I enjoyed teaching but felt intuitively like it wasn’t ever going to be a full-time job for me. More important was the extra day off. I finally had some breathing space. I sat eating lunch on my own in cafes; I read my book in the park. I soaked it up. I needed more.

Now, I have been living in Bali for four months and I do not think that I would have applied to _SocialStarters if I had still been in London. The breathing space I was afforded by moving here allowed me to see opportunities that were probably always in front of me. I also think that living somewhere where not everyone is working, and those that work do so in such different intensities and guises, opened my eyes to how many options really are out there; work-wise and life-wise.

I have wanted to visit India since I started practicing yoga over eight years ago and am excited to have the opportunity to structure a trip around the programme with _SocialStarters.

I’m looking forward to throwing myself into learning, meeting new people and applying my consulting skills set in a very different environment.

If you’d like to #JoinUs in either India, Sri Lanka or Brazil we’re always on the look out for talented business professionals looking for an overseas adventure. You can choose to do anything from 2-12 weeks on a solo assignment, or join our 6 week structured group Immersion Programme. The next Immersion Programme is running in Rio de Janeiro 29th October to 10th December, and the deadline for applications for this current round is 27th August 2016. APPLY HERE.