Written by Tina Goetz who is currently working out in Hyderabad, India with her social enterprise client…


I am Tina from Vienna, Austria and I just finished my Master degree in Development Finance at the University of Reading , UK. 

After completing my undergraduate degree with focus on consulting, finance and accounting and an internship at a local bank in Austria I decided to pursue a more socially-oriented path for my career. 

I had a great time working at the bank and also really enjoyed my previous job at a consulting company. Both positions gave me an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the corporate world and to expand my professional skills, however, they also made me realise that this was simply not enough and would not make me happy.  I was not truly satisfied and could not get rid of the feeling that I wanted more.

At that time I was also working on my Bachelor paper about financial inclusion and microfinance which I really enjoyed and which provided me with a new, more socially-oriented perspective to finance.

Moreover, I also went on a backpacking trip throughout Southeast Asia that summer which not just turned out to be a great trip but also a life-changing experience. I got to see the most fascinating places, meet the most astonishing people and experience a completely different world. This somehow let me see things a bit differently and realise what I really want to do in my life.

Thereupon I decided to do a Master’s degree that supports a career path away from the corporate world and enables me to link my interests in finance and consulting to the fascinating field of international development.

As of now, I have worked in a consultancy firm for 2 years and absolved an internship in the financial service area but, unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to gain insight or work in the field of international development or in a developing or emerging country.

As a friend recommended _SocialStarters I was so enthusiastic as I knew this would be the perfect opportunity of doing so. Being able to work abroad, get to know new cultures, meet new, like-minded people, expand my skills and gain new perspectives while at the same time being able to support the local community just sounded like the experience I was looking for. 

I cannot wait to for the programme to start and look forward to an amazing time in India.

Would you like to #Joinus in India in 2017? We’re going to run another Immersion Programme just like the one Tina is on, in February 2017. We’ll be officially opening applications 7th October 2017.