Written by Rebecca Bowman

After working in health and social welfare sector for nearly 15 years, I have become more and more frustrated at the systemic issues which lead to recidivism, drug and alcohol use, mental illness and social isolation. I would like to shift my focus from working on these issues as ones that are the sole responsibility of the individual, to issues which are in part the result of the ways society is structured. These need both changes at a governmental level, as well as initiatives led by the people. I believe social enterprises are one really exciting means of creating grassroots systemic change, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to be able to get hands on experience through _Social Starters.

As a creative person, I get particularly passionate about the design of innovative business models which are well thought out, incorporating the measurement of outcomes and considering the unintended consequences of an initiative as well as the more obvious benefits.  I am so excited about entering this next phase of my career working to address health and social wellbeing.

I am an avid reader, and have started reading Indian novels and poetry to help get a sense of place. The most interesting thing about reading is the way it not only exposes you to different ways of living, but can give you the tools to address the issues in your own life, and so it remains a yearly pleasure to read Jane Eyre and the Harry Potter novels – both of which have seen me through good times and bad.

On the other hand, my greatest annoyance is planned obsolescence. The relationship we have to our belongings as a society is deeply flawed. Many of us would rather throw things out when they aren’t working rather than fix them, and the result is tonnes of landfill that is slowly destroying our environment.

My goal this year is to learn all the moves to the Kate Bush classic “Wuthering Heights” and perform this in a red, flowing dress with flowers in my hair. If anyone  would like to help with the filming you are very welcome to join me.

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