My story can be summed up in three words; wanderlust, compassion and ambition.

Combining these characteristics makes me a person with an irresistible desire to travel the world, change the world and the drive to allow me to do so. Originally born in New York, I got the travel bug early and upon completing my undergraduate degree I moved to London for seven years. In that time I got my Masters, worked in an investment bank, and travelled extensively.

However, with life and travel experiences and greater exposure to the developing world, my eyes were opened and I realized that my passion lay elsewhere and I instead wished to pursue a career in international development. I knew it was time to make a change. My first step in doing this, was getting a transfer with my company to our Sao Paulo, Brazil office and after completing a year and a half there, I chose to take five months off to extensively travel South America and the Middle East as well as volunteering in an orphanage. I felt that both these experiences would give me first hand immersion of living in developing countries and exposure to the issues I wished to help tackle in my next job.

Making a tangible social impact on the world is what drives me. My goal during and after the programme is to be a catalyst for change in developing countries, providing the poor the opportunity to live with dignity, giving them financial freedom and choice.

The personal experiences I’ve had are my genuine motivation for wishing to become part of _SocialStarters. Talking with young women in Thailand, an exceptionally bright teenage orphan in Peru, street vendors in Israel, a tour guide in Bolivia, spice salesmen in Morocco; all these people have one thing in common; connecting them with the correct resources could transform their lives and have a positive ripple effect in their local community. Joining _SocialStarters and having the opportunity to spend some time in India is the next exciting step my journey.

I’m anxiously awaiting to see what social entrepreneur I will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with and the great things that will come out of this partnership!

Interested in #joining us in either Brazil, India, Sri Lanka or the Phillippines in 2016? APPLY HERE.  Immersion Programmes are running throughout the year as well as two new programme formats for people who can’t take 6 weeks out their lives – our 2-3 week Inspiration Programme in Rio in July, and our 10-day Transformation Programme in India in September. See our website for more details