Living in Amsterdam for 11 years now, I experience a lot of different cultures around me (Amsterdam is the city with the most nationalities in the whole world; 177). But I prefer to travel and experience those cultures in the countries themselves. I am an active traveller and learning more about other cultures makes me very enthusiastic. My mother works for a Dutch airline company so since childhood I visited a lot of different countries. Also I travelled by myself for half a year through South East Asia and I studied Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After finishing a Bachelor’s in Communication Science and a Master’s in Commercial Communication at the University of Amsterdam, I fulfilled a project- change management role and two marketing positions. I am a marketing and communication specialist and enthusiastic project manager at the same time. Through the years I worked for interesting companies where I initiated and implemented marketing campaigns, advised about strategies, controlled budgets and results, and was leading in developing new business. I have experience in working with teams to develop new creative opportunities. The companies I worked for were both national and international and in the branches of: automotive, travelling and mobility, ICT, Finance and Retail.

I also started volunteer work; helping refugees with the Dutch language and practical help.

In me you will find a proactive, energetic and eager type. I use my competences and character to improve and accomplish goals. Also when it concerns other people’s goals, I am the one bringing up new ideas and I love to implement ideas from strategy to execution. It makes me very enthusiastic. My empathy enables me, through an effective way of communicating and patient consulting, to inspire other people and accomplish goals. I can ‘read’ people.

As you can see I have all kinds of skills and experiences. But until now it didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for in a job. Because I think happiness is too important to not take seriously, I looked for a different kind of challenge and so I found _SocialStarters. This programme is the perfect opportunity for me to be in an inspiring environment, help social enterprises with my expertise and learn more about my own career and myself. I am thinking of starting my own business or work as a freelancer to escape the 9-5 way of working and the only commercial way of thinking. Who knows what the future will bring.

Interested in #joining us in either Brazil, India, Sri Lanka or the Phillippines in 2016? APPLY HERE.  Immersion Programmes are running throughout the year as well as two new programme formats for people who can’t take 6 weeks out their lives – our 2-3 week Inspiration Programme in Rio in July, and our 10-day Transformation Programme in India in September. See our website for more details