As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines and naturalized citizen of the U.S., I grew up attending Title 1 schools, public schools with a large concentration of students in poverty. So, I grew up knowing earning a college degree would be the way out of recycling myself in the same neighborhood but fearing that it may not happen for me.

After college, I went on to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers in a tax specialty called Transfer Pricing. It was rigorous and intellectually stimulating work that was attached to a lot of prestige and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking back in retrospect, I realized that the position validated me in a really big way, especially considering my background but never made me feel that this was my highest and best use in the world.

So I went to graduate school and studied Economics. To be honest, I don’t really know why but really, I was looking for meaning and purpose and what that even meant. I was especially looking for the space that would meld my background with my professional.

I did the rigorous things that they make all Economics students do and in my free time, I read books by authors that explored what it meant to live a meaningful life. After shifting my energy into socially focused endeavors, I stumbled into Non-Profit Accounting and Non-Profit organizations by definition.

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