Written by Clara Benet, who will be joining us from Spain in Rio de Janeiro, for 6 weeks this coming October 2016 to work alongside young social entrepreneurs.

My favourite song is “Cuando bate essa saudade” from Rubel, my ideal breakfast a bowl of acai with banana and granola, the most inspiring book I have ever read is Living Dangerously from Osho, a writer I discovered in Brazil. The most peaceful beaches and soul refreshing waterfalls are in the north of this country and Capoeira has been the sport awaking more energy and passion in me.

Nearly two years ago I quitted my consulting job in Barcelona Spain, my home city, to start an undefined trip in South America: a place I had never been to and yet inspired me so much.

As I read somewhere, the only trip you will regret is the one you didn’t take. 6 months of adventure http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/allergy/ planted a green and fresh seed in my mind: it hasn’t stopped growing and flourishing ever since then.

People I met, nature I spent time exploring and questions I multiplied were the best allies to learn more form myself and from the life I wanted to live.

I became more self-conscious; I developed my observation skills and evolved to be even more sensible with everything going on around me. Having being motivated by social and environmental issues since always, I have recently decided to give it a real shape and to nourish it with people I can share all this with.

And to close the loop, could it take place in a more ideal scenario than Brazil? The country that has given a lot, awaken in my so much. I can’t wait to bring my value and excitement to this project and country.