Written by Claire Wheeler who will be joining Madhavi, the founder of Ananya Lifeskills a social enterprise which identifies and evaluates children who have developmental delays and special needs and provides them therapeutic interventions to help them achieve their developmental milestones.


Entrepreneurs are much celebrated, and the best can be an inspiration to the rest of us for stepping beyond their safety nets to put action into their ideas.

That’s a world I’ve been lucky enough to feel part of for the past five years at an Oxford-based business research and events company. Coming after a stint in London at a global accountancy firm, putting flesh on the financial bones of a business, and hearing the stories of some of the UK’s most successful start-ups, has left me in little doubt how challenging the reality of entrepreneurship can be.

Translating my UK experiences to that of social entrepreneurs in Hyderabad will be a step change. I am looking forward to working with people whose ideas are helping to fix something in their communities. Their bold actions bring a wholly different set of challenges to the for-profit motivations I am more familiar with.

I hope I will be able to contribute, whilst getting valuable experience to find out if their tack to a fulfilling life goal is something that I have the vision to try for myself. Of course, doing it all in hot and hectic Hyderabad adds many other exciting dimensions.

When not working on the project, I will most likely be found heroically attempting to exhaust the city of its best dosa haunts, and hopefully getting to feel like a bit of a local in process.

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