Written by Angela Fagan

Wanderlust (n):

A strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I can certainly say from my first major trip over to the UK just over 10 years ago – I got hit by a strong case of wanderlust.

Leaving my home in NZ – I moved across to the other side of the world, and like many Kiwis set up camp in London. It was unfamiliar, it was scary, and I didn’t really know anyone – but it was exciting, fun, energetic – a chance to go on new adventures, see new places and meet new people, many who have become life long friends.

Since that first initial trip I have never lost that Wanderlust, travelling to different parts of the world on short and occasionally longer trips – the opportunity to immerse myself in new cultures and places, learn from others and hopefully them from me really excites me – and thus _SocialStarters feels like a great fit.

I have not had the opportunity to partner volunteering with travelling so far, working a ‘9-5’ job for most of my professional career. I am intrigued by the world of Social Entrepreneurship, with no former hands on experience I am looking forward to fully immersing myself into the programme.

With a career in Digital Marketing – I have a passion for making sure the customer or user is put at the centre of the experience – utilising content, functionality and design to make their journey as easy as possible, whether it be to purchase a product or service online, or to research or educate themselves. While I have utilised these skills in a business sense, I am now keen to utilise, adapt and share these in a different environment.

I am very much looking forward to working with _SocialStarters, a completely new experience enabling me to get ‘hands on’ with social enterprise in Hyderabad – I’m looking forward to new, sometimes scary but exciting new experiences. A chance to fuel my wanderlust for a little longer – and who knows where it may take me.

Feeling like you need to indulge your sense of wanderlust like Angela? Why not check out if there’s a _SocialStarters opportunity for you that might just do that. Wanna get inspired? Then get your hands on our Top 16 Ideas for a Meaningful Career Break HERE.