Written by Ana Gouveia who is joining us in Hyderabad to support Subbu and Gayatri who run Learning Curve – a social enterprise which runs a structured, comprehensive life skills education programme for children based on developmental psychology behaviours.

As a Portuguese, I guess the passion of travelling the world is in my blood… as is the “saudade” feeling and the eternal wish to come back home. I’ve been lucky enough so far to getting to know 12 countries in Europe, six in my beloved Africa (where I’ve worked for a few years, mostly in Angola), Brazil, Australia and the USA.

But… there’s no place like home!

Still, the wanderlust has been with me for a while now.

I guess this ties in neatly with my career choice: as a management consultant for over 11 years now, I keep facing new challenges, in different companies, and different industries (and even different countries). And, while this thrills me, an increasing need to find a purpose led me to an MBA – where I got more in touch with entrepreneurship and the third/social sector – and, recently, to Social Starters.

I feel this programme will bring it all together: combine my professional background with my desire of helping others; allow me to get to know like-minded people and share experiences, thoughts, visions; make me grow, professionally, but mostly personally… all while immersing me in a new culture. What a challenge!

Besides traveling, I love music – listening, dancing, singing and playing it (I played the piano and mandolin); a nice conversation with friends, over a nice meal preferably; the ocean… and my family.

I feel grateful and humble on the verge of this new adventure. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

(if you want, follow my updates on https://journals.worldnomads.com/anagouvs/)

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