I was part of the ICM graduate scheme at Imperial Tobacco from October 2011. I began in Group Manufacturing Finance, working on aspects of finance such as the month end reporting, transfer costing and investment applications.

I then moved to Hamburg after applying to be a market Group Controller for the German market. Here I learnt more about financial planning, variance analysis and the way finance helped report the status and objectives of an individual market. Having found elements of finance interesting, but other aspects rather tedious, I moved to the start-up section of Imperial called Fontem Ventures as a project manager. Here my main responsibility was to take a product from concept, and launch it at an appropriate quality and cost. Through this process I would work with a number of different teams, such as CQM, Product science, contract manufacturing, suppliers and the sales and marketing teams.

In the future, I want to be financially independent and enjoy life! Be in work I find interesting and challenging on a daily basis. Have a good work and social life balance.


After Fontem bought Blu e-cigs, there was a timespan of 4-5 months where work became incredibly dull and I was not being challenged. The ruthlessness of the takeover/consequences made me think strongly about what environment I would like to work in and what type of work I would find interesting.

_SocialStarters seems a great opportunity to combine a new type of work- social enterprise and consultancy, with my passion for travel and meeting new people from different experiences and walks of life.

Interested in #joining us in either Brazil, India, Sri Lanka or the Phillippines in 2016? APPLY HERE.  Immersion Programmes are running throughout the year as well as two new programme formats for people who can’t take 6 weeks out their lives – our 2-3 week Inspiration Programme in Rio in July, and our 10-day Transformation Programme in India in September. See our website for more details www.socialstarters.org.