Cass Kowitz. 25. Creative. Facilitator.

Working with young people has been fire for my growth as a creative artist in my field, currently unidentified by a title – but rather a series of projects that I juggle through time and space. My training was focused in theatre, art and education. I have injected my learning in various community spaces and have experienced the organism that is ‘learning.’ The space that exists between the ‘facilitation of knowledge’ and the ‘growth of that knowledge into something new’.

Here is where I feel education becomes less about the content & more about the storyteller. For the storyteller provides us with the personal, experiential & embodied response to the experience. In this way, stories inform, inspire & re-imagine the way that we engage with the world and these stories have the power to forge their way into the fire of our ideas-pot… and here they transform old stagnant ideas into something that changes space. They become the seed of change. The fire of artistic celebration. The activation of research. It will unlock the film-maker, the musician, the activist, the economist, the game changer.

So, I will share.. And as we share, I anticipate that grey spaces will forge their way between the defined black & whites, and these sparks a-glow will move through the murky hallows to be translated through thoughts, words, images, movement, sound, art – whatever its medium – and there they shall exist in their own astonishing simplicity. Until they grow.

#JoinUs on a programme and volunteer with grassroots social entrepreneurs.

India – 30th January (6 weeks) & 2nd April (6 weeks) || Sri Lanka – 13th February (6 Weeks) & 16th April (6 weeks) || Brazil – 19th March (6 weeks) & 4th June (6 weeks) || Rio Inspiration Programme – July 2016 (3 weeks) .

To apply, send your email with a cover note to and clearly state in the subject heading which programme and what date you are applying for. If successful, you will invited to a Skype interview with one of the team!