I have always been pulled towards helping others, facilitating growth and bringing out the best in people (says the ENFP in me). It’s no wonder I’ve enjoyed a bountiful career in Professional Services & Customer Success in the tech world for nearly 13 years. From managing projects, programs and people across the private and public sector, I’ve provided business solutions to customers from all corners of the world. The way I see it, I can pull from my bank of experience for years to come. And what to do with all these shiny tools? I’m inspired to create something new with a direct social impact.

So, I took another leap, dove into the deep and will do what I do best – swim, baby. I want to disturb my senses, expand my mind and share from my bank. I joined _SocialStarters for this purpose. What’s involved in incubating ideas and accelerating social start-ups? What challenges do social entrepreneurs face on the other side of the world? And most importantly, here’s how I can help you.

But wait, there’s more. I’d be a fool to overlook the impact such an experience would have on my personal development. Call it my ‘save-the-world’ phase, ‘transformational journey’ or whatever it takes to wrap your head around it. I call it a privilege to be who, where and what I want – I decide to give forward. I’m intuitively impulsive and uncomfortably excited, which tells me it’s exactly where I’m meant to be.

#JoinUs on a programme and volunteer with grassroots social entrepreneurs.

India – 31st January (6 weeks) || Sri Lanka – 13th February (6 Weeks) || Brazil – 19th March (6 weeks) To apply, send your email with a cover note to info@socialstarters.org and clearly state in the subject heading which programme and what date you are applying for. If successful, you will invited to a Skype interview with one of the team!