I qualified as an accountant and immediately took a year off to live in Spain and Argentina. After this I slipped back into the City and continued along that well trodden path into banking. Since then, I’d been waiting for my “eureka” moment to reveal my dream career or business venture. The ideas didn’t come and if they had, I’d been too consumed to act upon them.

At the beginning of this year I decided I needed new experiences and simply to do lots of cool and new stuff, so I headed to Chamonix in France for the remainder of the winter to climb mountains and snowboard. Steep slopes, fresh powder (occasionally) and even hot weather (unfortunately) were a blissful world away from the late evening meals in the office, meetings to discuss meetings and the IT department telling me to “switch it off and on again” as a solution to everything.

On returning to London in the beginning of May I suddenly had time. In between sampling London’s coffee shops, some DIY and lots of sport, I began to work on my own start up opportunity, I volunteered in a school, consulted to a start up on financial http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/zovirax_generic.html planning and cash flow ahead of raising finance and attended various talks and courses. The varied, flexible and fun career I want feels attainable now.

It’s fair to say, that when I started my career and for a few years later social enterprise was not at the forefront of my mind. Over time this changed as I evaluated what I needed for job satisfaction. Initially through writing funding proposals, I became involved in a London charity working with marginalised young people and then lead corporate community workshops to teenagers on communication skills. It became apparent that whatever my next venture was to be, it had to have a positive social impact for it to be something I could value.

Be it driving a rickshaw across India, climbing mountains or taking part in Rio carnival – I love an adventure. I want to find this enjoyment in my career and to help others to achieve this too. This is what attracted me to _SocialStarters: the opportunity to be impactful, be inspired and hopefully inspire. The fact I can do this in Sri Lanka is an added bonus!