In no particular order, we’d love to introduce you to Stephane, a Partnerships & Fundraising Specialist joining us in Hyderabad to work alongside and support Indian social entrepreneurs.

Born in Paris, I grew up between Cameroon and Nigeria, where my family is originally from. I hold a BSc in Management Business and a Masters in Public Policy.

In my experiences, I have enjoyed developing thorough planning, negotiation, financial management, analytical, and communications skills. My purpose is to develop collaborative initiatives and to build growth as well as funding strategies that positively impact social entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

I am a trusted advisor to organisations seeking funding, partnerships and sustainability, and have raised capital for development and for-profit organizations alike; and recently went on to co-found an equity crowdfunding venture for African small businesses.

Over my experiences developing partnerships frameworks, I have been exposed to various pressing social and economic issues and was fortunate to engage with a wide array of global actors and institutions across the world.

I am a strong believer in the bottom-up economy and the power of global communities, and am known for not staying in one place! Never settling, I know that the way forward for a more sustainable future is through inclusiveness for small-medium social businesses.

I have a passion for private sector development and impact investing. I’ve been told I’m a sly business strategist and fundraising guru 😉 Energetic, enterprising and curious, I suppose I’m one of those people that likes to multi-task: I’m am an avid traveler, blogger, business mentor, marathon-runner and soccer player.

My experiences in frontier markets makes me highly adaptive to diversity and unpredictable environments which I think will put me in good stead when in India.

Being born in the eighties, I have definitely adopted Apple’s “Think Different” mantra: the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the one who do.

Written by Stephane Eboko

Would you like to join us as a Trainee Social Enterprise Consultant, and work alongside grassroots social entrepreneurs in either Kenya or India? We are currently recruiting for our next waves of programmes, which start March 14th and 25th April respectively, running for 6 weeks each. If so, please send across your CV and a cover note explaining why you think this opportunity is for you to and pop either Social Enterprise Consultant Kenya or Social Enterprise Consultant India in the subject heading.