Luca Palermo, an Italian living in Holland, has done a heroic thing and quit his job in the quest for a life-affirming adventure. He is joining us in India for our Immersion Programme in Hyderabad, in Feb.

What’s my story?

I am a 32 years old guy, born and raised in Italy, done my  Erasmus period in France, job experience in Poland and I’m now in the Netherlands.

I landed an accounting job by chance rather than an actual choice after graduation, and I have worked in the last years in several positions: audit, credit and then accounts payable.

Despite learning several things throughout these years, there was always something missing. I could not stop thinking what I would have really liked to do with my life.

I have a passion and love for travelling and meeting other cultures, and I think that probably is the only thing that actually ignites me, but (that said) I do have an interest for numbers, environmental issues & process improvement as well.

Can I blend these things and make a job out of it?

I’m not sure how yet but I am looking forward to exploring that in India.

At the same time I don’t see only black or white, so for the moment I have decided to live in the grey. A little bit tired of my daily routine and very aware of the fact that my background is not truly remarkable, I have decided that this year I had to do something different.

In uncertain times, I did make a decision. I have quit my job to understand how to best use my skills and at the same time acquire new ones to find a more rewarding job.

Time will tell!

Written by Luca Palermo

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