I am a creative secondary school Food teacher, with a background in design project management, who loves all things travel and volunteering as well as cooking. Anything food related has always held an appeal to me. I often cook for friends and family and enjoy eating out and sampling new cuisines on my travels.

After a gratifying career as a Food Technology teacher of over eight years, I realised that I wanted to concentrate on working within the fulfilling sector of social enterprises and incorporate my passion and acumen for developing small businesses. Throughout my career history, I have built up a diverse experience of project management, marketing, all things craft and design related. I have also had plenty of experience in the events, hospitality, culinary arts industry and also retail and interior decor, in addition to my eight years of teaching experience. I am hoping that my wealth of different industries will lend itself to new start-up ventures.

In the past I have enjoyed aiding students to see the benefit of learning practical skills and figuring out how to develop and design new products and ultimately make careers of this. Whilst teaching is equally http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/migraine/ rewarding and challenging, I do not want to loose sight of what I really love and what motivates me. This is specifically, using and combining my creative flair, generous disposition and enthusiasm for creative enterprises to assist in enhancing and promoting successful, new products or services (especially those with a sustainable, social enterprise nature) and hopefully inspiring and helping others in the process. To this end, over the past six months I have been looking at setting up my own culinary-based, educational social enterprise and making progress to make this ‘dream’ a reality.

I am really looking forward to visiting Sri Lanka, as I haven’t been there before and I hope to make a real ‘difference’ to all involved and relish being part of a dedicated team of Social Starters. My main aims for this position would be to convey my keenness for helping to set up and run small businesses. I hope that I can contribute my enthusiasm and passion for all things travel, and cooking. Above all, I would enjoy the opportunity of bringing my existing skills and experience into a productive and rewarding position.