I had always viewed my professional aspirations and constant desire to travel and explore as two largely conflicting forces in my life. I’m extremely career oriented, yet I’ve found myself living from one traveling opportunity to the next at times. Through _SocialStarters, I’m hoping to explore the intersection of these interests and gain a better sense of how my interest in travel and development might shape my career.

Professionally, I spent two years working as a strategy consultant for companies across a range of industries including: private equity, pharma, and hazardous waste. From there, I moved into a corporate strategy analyst role at a small grocery chain in California. I’ve enjoyed the work in such an analytical role and hope to find a similar position with a socially-minded start-up in the future.

Throughout my time working these past 5 years, I’ve made it a priority to travel at every opportunity, building upon my first experiences abroad in college as a study-abroad student in Mexico and community development volunteer in Honduras. I’ve found that my experiences volunteering and studying abroad have been hugely impactful and have facilitated lasting bonds. It’s my hope that this experience has the same impact and inspires me to explore my interests.


Sri Lanka – 4th July (6 weeks) || India – 22nd August (6 weeks) || Sri Lanka – 5th September (6 & 2 weeks) || India – 24th October (6 & 2 weeks) || Brazil – 31st October (6 & 2 weeks) || India – 31st January (6 & 2 weeks) || Sri Lanka – 13th February (6 & 2 Weeks) || Brazil – Feb/March TBC (6 & 2 weeks)With more dates soon to be published for April/May 2016 in Kenya & Sri Lanka. To apply, send your email with a cover note to info@socialstarters.org and clearly state in the subject heading which programme and what date you are applying for. If successful, you will invited to a Skype interview with one of the team!