My world completely revolves around traveling, exploring, expanding, growing, learning, seeing, and building relationships. I caught the travel bug when I was a little girl, and it has always been an incredibly important part of my life; my grandmother began taking me to so many places starting at such a young age, and I’m so lucky and feel so honored. I deeply feel that travel is what allows us learn so much about ourselves, what is important to us, what challenges us, and what truly makes us buzz; it gives us a broader perspective and understanding for just about everything. Travel gives us the real tools to function as global citizens, and not to corner ourselves somewhere where we’re simply safe and idle, and merely existing.
I am now at a point where I no longer wish to travel for the sake of traveling (though I wouldn’t say no to any opportunities…ha!), but really I want to take all that I’ve learned, and my skill set, and apply myself to something that makes a lasting impact on the globe. I feel a sense of responsibility to do my part in creating a world that I want to live in, and one that allows others to enjoy our planet and life to the fullest in the most powerfully positive ways. We have such a capacity to share love, passion, and joy, and to help others access those things as well. Why hold back?
My work, on that note, focuses on constantly building dynamic, trusting relationships (with clients, partners, sponsors, and co-workers alike) in order to continually push the boundaries of our social reach, and to foster successes as an integrated, connected community. I build large-scale events from the ground up, focusing on these particular areas to create spaces for improving the greater Los Angeles community and beyond. All of my work caters to a forward-thinking, progressive, contemporary demographic, and moving our society in a positive direction. I produce shows that empower things like photography, fine art, active-living, clean-eating, mindfulness and consciousness, eco-friendly business practices, local organizations and more.
I have an enormous passion for the arts and culture as a whole, and seek to build sustainable bonds with others that will uplift social ideals and help to disseminate them throughout the world. I want to become more able to span bridges between countries and organizations, and to help facilitate a more global network and community of open, innovative, forward-thinking people.
I see this Social Innovation Bootcamp with _Social Starters as a time, place, and subject matter that will truly add to everything I’m working on, both professionally and personally. I feel that this is something that will feed my soul upon my return and will influence the rest of my life.

I can’t wait to get started on these types of projects in Rio, and I am looking forward to making some big moves in Brazil, and in many more places in the future! Até breve!

Last chance to apply for the Social Innovation Bootcamp! Are you free July 4th to 18th 2015? If so, we’re offering this incredible opportunity at the competitive rate of £1280.00 (VAT included), which includes 14 nights accommodation in Rio, a crash course in social innovation, problem solving & creativity workshops, career coaching & mentoring, trips & excursions, programme related travel expenses, free WIFI, a mobile phone SIM, phone credit and more. Book your interview by sending your CV and a cover note telling us why you want to come to There are only a few places left so don’t delay! Places go on a first come first serve basis.