I completed my MBA in Finance, and started my career in the operations division of a reputed Investment bank of Japan, who has its operations division outsourced in Mumbai, India.

Being a fresh grad, I was really excited to work in the corporate world. This job gave me an opportunity to work with clients based all over the world. Each of these regions had their own style of working. I learnt a lot on how to deal with various clients and give deliverables as per the respective requirement.

This was one of the reasons I got into this industry: so that I was able to interact with people around the world. However after a certain point it started becoming monotonous. One of the major setback was that it was a desk job. Sitting in one place throughout the year is not really my cup of tea!

I love to travel, learn about new places, people, their culture, and come across some of the most amazing sights each of these places have to offer. Since my childhood I had always made it a point that at least once a year I would travel on vacation to a new place to explore. This has always been my passion and I was hoping to build my career on it.

My job did provide me that satisfaction to some extent but I always knew that something was missing. After four and a half years in my job I started looking for new ways to find more opportunities where I would combine work and travel in new and exciting places. That’s when I came across Social Starters.

Their cause attracted me to their programme first and foremost: They seek to bring people from all over the world together with the goal of creating social impact and sustainability in the long run, in places which need it the most.

The opportunity to work at grassroot level in my own country is exactly what I needed. There is lot of potential here to build a path towards growth and improving basic living conditions. Social starters have offered me the opportunity of lifetime, where I hope to learn so much and it will help me shape my career at the same.

I am hoping this experience helps me create a difference, which I was always longing to do! Also I hope to develop a long and fruitful relationship with Social Starters for years to come. I am super excited to work with people coming from diverse culture and all for the same great cause!

If you’d like to #JoinUs in India on our next Immersion Programme (forthcoming dates: August & October) we only have a few places left so hurry, don’t delay! Send us your CV and a cover letter to info@socialstarters.org or find out more HERE. Closing date 21st May 2015. You can find out more about our programmes and dates on our website www.socialstarters.org.