Having had four years of a successful but unrewarding career in TV, events and marketing, I was looking for a new career direction, for a chance to travel with some purpose and to use (and grow) my existing skill-set. Social Starters ticked all the boxes, and came at just the right time.

My most recent role working for an events and brand experience start-up (I was responsible for creating and producing experiential events for luxury lifestyle brands) was everything I thought I wanted – creative, entrepreneurial and engaging, but I have since realised I want to find a job that has a more real and positive impact on people’s lives. Remembering the fulfilment I got from volunteering with various UK charities, I was led to Giveacar, a UK social enterprise.

I think Giveacar is everything a social enterprise should be – a simple idea (they sell or recycle people’s unwanted vehicles and give the proceed to UK charities), which requires a small work force to bring about substantial social and environmental impact. They have raised nearly £2 million for UK charities in five years, with just 2 full-time staff.

It sparked something in me. Firstly, I realised quite how exciting – and expanding – this sector is, but also that my experience could be genuinely beneficial to help grow such enterprises. I know the grassroots graft required to launch a small business, but more importantly, how to develop an idea into a brand and launch it to the market.

The idea of being able to do all this in the vibrant start-up hub of Hyderabad was just too exciting to pass up.

If you’d like to #JoinUs in India, Sri Lanka or Brazil in 2015 and travel with purpose, send your CV and a cover note to info@socialstarters.org clearly stating the programme location in the subject heading.  We are looking for 10 ‘future leaders’ in the social innovation space to #JoinUs on a social enterprise trip of a lifetime to Rio in July 2015. Deadline for applications is 1st May. Please pop Social Innovation Bootcamp in the subject heading and make sure to apply as we are looking for people with all types of experience! 

I can’t wait to learn more about this sector, and apply my existing experience to help build similar ethical and sustainable businesses in Hyderabad. Social Starters will provide me with the necessary training and hands-on experience to continue making my own career changes, while also continuing my love affair with India, developed on a recent Keralan adventure.