With not even a year since graduating with a Bachelors in Commerce from McGill University, I am currently embarking on what many might refer to as “real life.”  Like most recent university graduates I know, I am quite unsure of exactly what I want to do, but currently aim to have many new experiences that will open my mind and make me grow.

My professional experience primarily consists of being an analyst for the Strategy team of a large multinational firm in Madrid, where I have previously interned for two summers.

While I learned very much, I couldn’t help but to think that I should be testing myself in other new fields.  I have spent many summers volunteering and organizing trips to rebuild New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, and haven’t felt the level of fulfilment in any other work since being there.

I had learned about entrepreneurship in university and am thrilled to continue learning in a hands-on environment.

I hope to be able to combine my knowledge and experience in business with my yearn to do good for this delicate world, in the most productive way possible for the people of Hyderabad.  I go into this trip a little unsure of what to expect, but am very excited for what may lie ahead.

Written by Juan Galan

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