We’ve just returned from our unforgettable week-long trip to Kosovo, where we delivered start-up workshops aimed to develop impactful ideas at #KosovosChangeMakers 2016, an event for Kosovo’s young social and environmental activists who aspire to be Kosovo’s first generation of social entrepreneurs.

It’s been 18 years since the horrific war in Kosovo which saw thousands of people brutally killed, and the sense of survival is still vibrant from the many stories of passed down through the generations. The Kosovo war was the last of three wars that erupted as a result of the breakdown of Yugoslavia and it was the last European conflict of the 20th Century. Many of the young people we were training couldn’t remember the war, but their parents, older siblings and extended families were directly affected by it.

_SocialStarters delivered a one day crash course in starting up a social enterprise as part of this 3-Day Conference on Sustainability, Leadership & Social Enterprise delivered in collaboration with the UK’s Migrant Entrepreneurs Network founded by Indira Kartallozi & sustainability specialist, writer/author and Cambridge University Professor Wayne Visser. You can check out his latest book HERE. We were all invited to join the team behind Into the Park, a music festival thrown in the beautiful mountain city of Peja.

Our mission, as part of #KosovosChangeMakers 2016 was to train up 25 young people, aged 19-25, to become the next generation of Kosovo’s leaders in sustainability & social enterprise. And this was the first time anything of this nature had been delivered in Kosovo, so not only was this an incredible honour but super exciting – so much so that TV station Dukagjini reported live from the event!

Our ‘Social Enteprise’ Day, was designed to get them looking at the “HOW” of creating impact, going through an ideation process that adopts lean start up methods.


Of the ideas generated, were Kosovo’s first ever solutions around waste recycling, a t-shirt brand which evolved into “Punk Dog” to tackle the growing issues arising out of the problem of stray dogs, as well as “Alarm” an environment solution that aggregates solar energy companies and grows consumer penetration throughout Kosovo with a micro-lending aspect for the poor – plus a social enterprise aiming to empower and employ http://www.eta-i.org/cialis.html people with disabilities through skills development around handicrafts.


The groups are working on their pitches for the final day’s “Shark Tank” style pitch session.

Our trip was rounded off with some adventures in the incredible Kosovan terrain, including Ziplining, hiking and swimming in a secret lake at the top of a mountain.

A huge thanks goes out to the Swiss Embassy and all the other sponsors for their support to make this happen. But our biggest thanks must go to Indira & Wayne who invited us to join them. We look forward to collaborating with you again.



Want to join us on our next trip to Kosovo?
We left Kosovo feeling so incredibly inspired; so when we were invited to go back to Kosovo in 2017 to support more young people to develop their ideas for change – we then had an awesome idea…


That maybe you might like to join us?

We currently operate in India, Sri Lanka & Brazil but there is no doubt that Kosovo needs the help and support of Skilled Professionals from around the world to kick start and develop the social enterprise movement there.

If this sounds exciting and you’d like to #JoinUs on another Kosovan mission in 2017 please email us and let us know if you’d be interested in doing a 6 week Immersion Programme.

You would get trained in start-up methods / social enterprise / tools for change & then share your skills and consult to an aspiring young social start-up to launch a project that tackles world issues such an environment, sustainability, poverty, unemployment, ethic minority exclusion and more.

We’ll deliver all the learning, throw in some additional Kosovan adventures (cabin in the woods anyone?) providing accommodation and all the in-country support and additional workshops, coaching and training you’ll need. You cover your flights, travel insurance & any visas. We’ll then cost up an affordable programme fee that covers all the above.

Let us know if you’re interested by emailing us an expression of interest here: info@socialstarters.org

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