I am utterly distraught at the news that Live Your Legend cofounder Scott Dinsmore has died at the weekend whilst on a round the world trip with his wife, Chelsea.

It’s heartbreaking.

Apparently they were fresh from Cappadocia in Turkey, and had gone to Tanzania to climb what is often described as the safest mountain in the world – Kilimanjaro.

Scott did one of my favourite Ted X videos and his San Francisco based talk often appears in our personal development training as he shares some powerhouse beliefs that ultimately formed the basis of his career changer movement, Live Your Legend. If you ever read his blog posts, his energy and determination to cut through the bullshit speak loudly to anyone willing to listen.

It’s Scott that introduced me to that famous Jim Rohn quote, you know that one that says:

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

And Scott really got us all thinking: WHAT IS THE WORK THAT YOU CAN’T NOT DO?

His legacy will continue I have no doubt, and if nothing else the tragedy will inspire thousands more to make the most of every moment of your life doing what makes you happy instead of the other way around – his death yet another stark reminder that you never know when it could all end.

Watch his incredibly motivating Ted X talk now, and please do share with any of your friends who are stuck in a job/life/existence that is making them unhappy.