It’s #GivingTuesday! Do you want your charitable donations to go into the hands of a person who needs it as opposed to into the bank account of a large charity?

The average person spent £500 on or around Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) in the last week. That’s a third of the average UK person’s take home monthly salary. And when you consider that rent and bills is on average around the same amount, if not higher, we were all spending like crazy last week getting caught up in a huge consumer event despite living in times of austerity.

What did you buy? What deals did you get?

Record retail sales in the US for 2016 show over $3billion was spent on Black Friday, so it makes you think – if everyone who spent as a result of Black Friday could tag on an additional £25/$30 to give to a worthy charitable cause – donations that go right into the hands of the people who need the support – then our favourite small charities and would also get a significant and much needed boost this Christmas.

So it’s refreshing to see that the Giving Tuesday campaign is gaining traction, making it possible to offset the “taking” that came with last week’s consumer frenzy.

Launched two years ago, #GivingTuesday now runs in over 70 countries around the world including the US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia and Brazil.

Feel like giving back? You probably won’t even notice the £25 that has gone out your bank account but you’ll make a huge difference to the lives of the many beneficiaries who rely on charitable support!

And yes okay, giving to charity is hardly a new idea (I can hear your cynical minds whirring) but here are our TOP 3 ways you can offset Black Friday, give back to homegrown small charities that will see your money go directly into the hands of disadvantaged young people and female social entrepreneurs.





1. OneRio, founded by Robert Melangreau, an Oxford University graduate and rugby player has spent the last 3 years in Brazil developing a rugby development programme that broadens the opportunities available for young people affected by crime, violence and poverty. With rugby appearing in the Olympics for the first time in 2016, it has been a catalytic year for young people and Rugby but there is a big job to do.

During this time Rob has reached over 300 children in the Morro do Castro favela, raising aspirations, reducing truancy rates and generating behavioural improvements in the classroom. With the support of over 180 volunteers worldwide, he has managed to extend their services over the past 18 months, providing supplementary English classes, free dental care to 200 children, and supporting older participant’s access their first work experiences through innovative project based education programmes.  For 2017 Rob has designed a programme that will provide Rio’s young people with preparatory courses for university entry exams but he needs your support.

Rob is trying to raise £15,000 through a crowdfunding campaign which you can support here: 


He’s already raised £5,000 but needs more pledges to help him reach his target!


“Please support this appeal as best you can, and help us create more opportunities for vulnerable young people in Rio’s favelas.” Robert Melangreau


2. Young Urban Arts Foundation (previously known as London Urban Arts Academy) is a registered charity founded by Kerry O’Brien that helps vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in the UK go places. They engage with them through music and other creative arts, which not only helps them learn new skills, but also builds confidence, self-esteem and self-worth; with many going on to experience new opportunities such as further training, employment or helping them to overcome any personal issues they may have.


The Young Urban Arts Foundation (YUAF) uses music and arts as a form of early intervention and building resilience in young people.

They launched a pilot ‘Skip to the beat’ in October 2016 with their official launch for Youth Mental Health Week on the 8th February 2017 offering a six-month programme, to empower young people with their own tools vs just creating a coping mechanism and then training them as peer educators in mental health to take into PSHE sessions within schools to educate on and remove the stigma of mental health.

A poem written  by Rachel, aged 15 who completed the pilot this month.

Young urban arts saves lives day by day , a week full of activities that takes the pain away . On Wednesday I remembered what happiness was . I had always been on the side of depression and was finally getting across , a smile gradually took over my face , I was having fun and I swear I couldn’t have been in a better place . I am not a mental health disorder I am me , I am not my thoughts I can be whoever I want to be. Things aren’t the best but they get better they always do. Let’s stop looking back at the past because the past doesn’t define you , how would we know a good day if we didn’t have a bad one ? I am Rachel and in a couple of years this will be a battle I have won . You all have a space in my heart and after today we will all have a positive fresh start.

They need all the help they can get and YUAF are hugely reliant on the generous giving of the general public and corporate organisations to deliver the work they do:


3. The Coaching Fellowship supports women leaders in the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact. They provide specialist leadership, business and lifestyle coaching to help females in the industry be more sustainable with the challenges they face every day. Both myself and _SocialStarters co-founder Anna Moran have been through the Coaching Fellowship and we’re proud to be a part of their network of support. They’re also reliant on donations so get giving!

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.18.51.png

The Coaching Fellowship community is made up of nonprofit leaders, impact entrepreneurs, activists, rocket scientists, artists and more – all young women leaders of impact dedicating their lives to building the world of tomorrow today.

The Coaching Fellowship begins with a three month professional coaching fellowship. Their  experienced coaches are trained to accelerate leadership potential and work with their fellows to attain their goals. Our fellows become part of a global women of impact network which stretches 80 countries.

They have just launched their Heroine Fund with Giving Tuesday as the catalyst, so don’t delay if you’re looking for a fantastic cause to support you can do so here:


“I have the great privilege of working with countless people who are changing the world. And, sometimes I have to admit… we get disheartened. The latest tragedy, atrocity and worse pops up thrice daily in our feeds. And this year seems to have been a particularly tough one for the world. It all can seem so overwhelming. So how do we tackle these enormous challenges? How do we make a difference? By changing the lives of one person at a time. That’s all and everything we can do.” – Jane Finette, Founder, The Coaching Fellowship


Support our female heroes who are changing the world as you know it!