Written by VSO’s ICS volunteer & _SocialStarters young aspiring social entrepreneur, Immaculate Jebet, 26, unedited.


My time on ICS made me realise that a few small voices can make a difference to the bigger picture. In a lot of ways it transformed me.  The whole experience was mind blowing. It gave me a sense of achievement that I am an active citizen on a global stage.  It broadened my horizons in life, made me stop taking things for granted. It transformed my stereotypes as well, not just for people in my community – Kenya, Africa, all over the world – but how I view myself. I can now challenge them because I have the knowledge. ICS gave me the confidance that I can do anything I want, the sky is the limit and I will always treasure that experience filled with an abundance of bright moments.

Sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Social Starters for teaming up with ICS. For giving us the privilege to go through your amazing programme for free! I am extremely satisfied by your expertise, knowledge and professionalism.  You are truly inspiring and your perspective that you bring is so fundamental to how we should start a business that has a social element in it.  I am improving, humanizing, developing, learning and getting knowledge day by day under your training, you are truly god sent.  All your talks, videos, are extremely motivational and educative. The next one outdoes the last. FANTASTIC!

I believe you have also derived significant value from working with us.  How I wish you extend this programme to others so as people would get a lamp shade over this.  You truly bring it out in the light and make it shine for all the rest of us to see.  I am always nourished by your talks.  I love the thought you put into each one.  It always makes me dig a little deeper and do a self-check.  Your motivation which comes from you are sources of strength http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antidepressants/ also! They reinforce my faith, belief, thinking, capacity in myself and enable me to perform even better.

This training will go a long way to changing mindsets.  You do not need to be some philanthropist to help or hold a big post, be a billionaire or look for organisations to help out.  We’ve got the resources, we have the ability, we’ve got the brains, the only thing is to learn how to use them! A social enterprise is an amazing business to venture in.  Doing something that makes a profit while doing something that makes a difference.  For some people the concept of doing well while doing good is hard to comprehend but worth doing.  The idea of community has become idealised in many of our minds.  We often imagine that we had better communities in the past than we know and even in the present, we tend to use words in a positive context.  For example, talk of community development, meeting community needs as if the community were one big happy family.  But in fact community can be divided, steeped in inequalities and can be oppressive for some sub-groups.  In that case a social enterprise can assist to bridge this inequality gap.

I will start up a vocational training school.  This initiative will focus on core areas that support learning, social interaction, self employment and good communication. I want to provide cheap and affordable vocational courses so that people can gain the necessary skills, either to enhance their employment prospects or, and preferably, so that they can start their own enterprise.  Again to directly contribute to the development process in Kenya by supporting the nations struggle in poverty alleviation by breaking the poverty cycle and initiating a grass roots model.  You can also support the initiative with your contribution for this will go a long way to making the dream come true.  I believe we can change our world if we jointly work together.