Written By Christine , VSO Jitolee Alumni

After finishing VSO’s ICS programme, we were tasked with doing a social action project at home.

Our action at home project that we came up with was to start up something to solve problems in our community, and for us we wanted to tackle unemployment.

We requested for training for further knowledge about social entrepreneurship. Three week’s in, I have found this training really exciting and an eye opener for me.  It has made me to start thinking outside the box.

What excites me most about the training is learning about global social entrepreneurs who have inspired us, like Mohammed Yunus; and the fieldwork part whereby I have to interact with my potential customers and understand their real day to day challenges.

I hope this training will help me discover my potential in different business ideas and help me to launch a business in the next four weeks.

My current idea is to start a big workshop that trains sex workers to learn how to make African designed clothes together with bracelets and necklaces of which I’ll train young prostitutes from my community who will be my employees.  I’ll then sell the items in a boutique in town. I want to be a social entrepreneur so that I can be able to reduce prostitution in my community by creating employment.