By Cassie Cowitz (Immersion Programme Graduate, Brazil, Oct 15)


I worked with a literary project that offers an innovative opportunity to bring access to culture for children and young people from the Zinco community, in Rio de Janeiro. The Livreteria seeks to encourage reading, spark the imagination and dreams and create new opportunities for community youth through different activities.  


I made this short little video that captured a microscopic peek into what Livreteria Popular does in this eclectic, vibrant community of Zinco, Brazil.


My partner Laura Nora & I had discussed with Guilherme Roberto [project founder] from the beginning that we had an idea – to create some sort of immersive/photographic platform to reach other communities, Brazilians – and potentially international people.


We explained that we were not cinematographers or media experts in any way – at all – and that we wanted our relationship with the project to be as organic as possible. With that said we managed to get little bits of footage here & there – and together we worked on creating this little glimpse. A glimpse that hopefully will get more people involved.


At its core, the most enjoyable part of this process was providing an opportunity for Guilherme & the mediators to see their work reflected to them – to give them the permission to understand & appreciate the power of this project. To get a sense of the momentum their work has – future change makers – starting with small actions that has such potential for huge impact – on the threads of personal, educational and community tapestry.