Wow – first week back at work this week. How you feeling?


Or relieved to be getting back into a routine?

It’s great having a break to mark the end of the year though isn’t. Aside from all the talking, the bucks fizz and Iceland sausage rolls, it gives you the brain space to realise what incredible achievements we’ve all made this last year.

Do you know what I mean? I don’t know about you, but i’m feeling incredibly reflective at the moment. Maybe it’s because this is the first start to a year, that i’ve actually been genuinely, truly, excited about. In a long time.

This time last year, January 2015, I was practically in tears on the plane thinking about our forthcoming programme in India. We’d recruited 8 incredible people to join us, and with only our pilot in Kenya to draw upon for experience, I was excited beyond belief sure, but secretly terrified.

8 programmes later and we’ve hired our first member of staff; we’re planning a new programme in the Phillippines in June, and are devising 3 new formats – a transformative 10 day coaching programme in India in September, a new way of volunteering called _TheAssignment, as well as the Inspiration Programme which we’ll pilot next summer over 2-3 weeks ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for people who are passionate about sports development.

To celebrate and mark all the fantastic work that’s been done by our volunteers, Consultants & clients over 2015 we thought we’d bring a little taste of it all together into one platform.

We’ll do one of these every year. With more stories & more impact.

A huge thanks is due to the two wonderful ladies helped us put this together Emma Chow (who’s now successfully bedding into her new job at Deloitte) & our lovely India graduate, Kate Taylor.

And let’s not forget the 80 or so volunteers and 70-something social entrepreneurs who’ve helped us get to this moment. As well as our in-country partners, and all the people who have supported us in-kind through their networks or with their time, you know who you are… let’s just pause and take a moment for that. Incredible, isn’t it.


Check it the impact we made in 2015 HERE.

Interested in joining us in either Brazil, India, Sri Lanka or the Phillippines in 2016?

Check our website out for all the details and dates of our various programmes and opportunities.