Written by Emma Wilson, a former Brand Controller for L’Oreal, now a Trainee Social Enterprise Consultant with _SocialStarters.
As we approach the end of the _SocialStarters Bootcamp training in Hyderabad, I feel everything from excited to anxious to empowered.


It has been an intense week of training, workshops, presentations and getting out there in Hyderabad itself (buzzing, colourful, hectic!) so I’d love to share my thoughts about the programme so far.


When I came to Hyderabad I knew that I would be learning a lot from the _SocialStarters team, Andrea, Anna and Ryan. Between them these guys have an incredibly vast range of experience, wealth of knowledge and a unique, truly effective delivery style!


What I hadn’t anticipated at all, however, is just how much I would also learn from my fellow consultants. We have the most incredible range of talent within the room, covering almost every topic you can imagine, from developers to entrepreneurs. It’s been incredible getting to know each persons background and I can tell that I will be lucky enough to gain something insightful from each one of them.


Delivering a plan for a financial assessment with her client.


Highlights so far for me have been:


– Delving into my core values and passions to understand better the things that drive me and make me tick
– Learning about many different business modelling tools


The exercise around core values was an insightful experience for me. Whilst I had a underlying feeling of what I hold as important, I had never taken the time to really write these things down and some of the recurring themes I’ve seen come through are giving me a stronger sense of who I am.


We have also spent a lot of time learning about great business modelling tools such as The Lean Start Up, Design Thinking, working with the Base of the Pyramid and much more! We have even been given the opportunity to write up one page business plans for our existing social enterprise ideas which was fantastic.


Now that we are reaching the final stages of the bootcamp I have a mixture of emotions; part of me is sad to end the learning stage and another part of me is buzzing with excitement to find out about the client I am going to be working with. I feel that we have all been provided with an incredible set of tools to take on this task and I’m raring to go!


Thanks to the _SocialStarters team for bringing me along on this journey!


Would you like to join us as a Trainee Social Enterprise Consultant, and work alongside grassroots social entrepreneurs in India we are currently recruiting for our next cohort, to #JoinUs in Hyderabad from May 2nd 2015 for 6 weeks. Check our website for details www.socialstarters.org. Or you can apply via Escape the City here.