Build your Social Innovation Management skills with Amani Institute.
This impactful, field-based Social Innovation Management Postgraduate Certificate Programme brings together a group of competitively selected, highly talented individuals from around the world who all share a passion for social change and want to build a career of meaning and impact. This 10 months learning experience has the depth and pace necessary to train for effective change making – the intensity is equivalent to a 2-year traditional master’s degree.

Amani Institute’s cutting-edge Social Innovation Management Programme consists of 4 months field immersion in Kenya or Brazil, 10 skill-building courses taught by global experts, a customized apprenticeship, 3 inspiring field trips, 20+ like-minded classmates from around the world, a personal mentor, and much more.

During this 10 months experience, you are sure to expand your professional network, get global experience, get to live in one of the major global hubs in social innovation, and learn how to change the world!

Who should apply?

The program is open to anyone in the world with an undergraduate degree who is eager to train intensively to build his/her skills at leading social change. We are especially looking for people like:

  • Aditi, a recent graduate determined to create a life and career of addressing big social challenges
  • Ken, who works for an international NGO and has been looking for a way to improve his practical skills and leadership capacity but hasn’t found a master’s program that provides what he needs
  • Rodrigo, who has been working in the private sector for some years but feels that his passion for making a difference would find better use with organizations solving problems like pollution or health care

When & Where?

  • 1st July to 30th November 2015 – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 1st July to 30th November 2015 – Nairobi, Kenya


This program has been endorsed and supported by a range of innovative organizations and institutions such as University of  The Amsterdam School of Creative LeadershipAshoka East Africa, the Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory, the African Management Initiative and the Unreasonable Institute.

We also have a partnership with the United Nations mandated University for Peace, which means that Amani Fellows who complete their Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management are now eligible for a further Diploma in Social Innovation.


The deadline for registration is for the March program is 1st June 2015 – however, applications will close when all the spots are filled, so APPLY NOW  on our website:!

More information?

Check out our Social Innovation Management (SIM) program overview for information at a glance. And for more of a taste what the program is about, watch our program video  here. 

For more information make sure to visit our website and don’t hesitate to reach out either directly to me or to,  if you have any further questions! We are very happy to connect with you!

“Being part of the Social Innovation Management program at the Amani Institute was the best personal and educational investment I’ve made. It provided me the opportunity to learn about courses and topics that I’ve always been keen on learning and integrated that education into practical skills that will help me in my professional and personal development. What I’ve taken and learnt in those months, I’ll be applying in my entire life.” 

Adam Chagani, Alumnus from Canada