A word by current Rrogramme Manager Anna, sitting in her living room in India:

When I was accepted as Programme Manager for _SocialStarters earlier this year, I could barely believe my luck. I felt like I found the perfect job – I would finally be able to make a real change in the world, whilst traveling and following my passion of immersing in local cultures. I was incredibly excited, but at the same time terribly nervous. Managing groups of volunteers is a delicate matter – you have to not only manage the programme’s organisation and smooth running, but pay attention to people’s moods, attitudes, fears and worries. It is not an easy job being mother to 8-10 fully grown adults.


Having completed two programmes, my worries have gone. Yes, sometimes it seems like I have to be in 1000 different places. Yes, sometimes I ignore my phone on purpose to get some personal space. Yes, it gets stressful at times. But in the end it is all worth it. I have made invaluable new experiences, met new people, and felt like I made true impact. But most importantly, I have seen and facilitated people’s growth.

Our participants come on the programme with a purpose – whether it is finding out their ‘What next?’, learning about social enterprise, or wanting to have a new experience. Seeing them go on with their lives with their newly made accomplishments has made me prouder than a bonus or promotion could ever do.


After working together for 5 weeks, the clients and consultants leave the programme with a new found spirit and enthusiasm. They often found new ways to bring the social projects forward and develop them into more sustainable ideas. But to me the excitement and spark in the eyes of the clients when they realise that there are people out there that are interested in their cause, and are willing to volunteer their time to help them drive change forward, is already enough.

Together as a team, the consultants, clients and I have grown – and made a change. And that’s what being part of _SocialStarters is all about.

So come and #JoinUs!

We’re hiring!

Do you think you have what it takes to run our Asia region in the role of Regional Programme Director? We’re looking for someone with the right experience and a dedicated passion to change the world. Whilst spending the majority of the next year abroad.


Or go straight to Escape the City to read the job post.

Deadline for applications 30th October.