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    A unique way to take a break and have an overseas adventure.


    " A once in a lifetime experience I will never forget" - Linda Coyle, Ireland, June 2016

  • Share your business skills for 2-12 weeks

    Welcome to the _TheAssignment.


    Looking to do something different on your time off from work? Feeling like you want to make a positive difference in the world and share your skills to improve people's lives? Or perhaps you want to travel with purpose and have a cross-cultural, highly immersive adventure? Or Both. Then look no further.

    Independence & Autonomy


    With autonomy over the structure of the placement and with flexibility on the start & end dates _TheAssignment gives you the freedom to manage your own experience. This is an adventurous way to volunteer with impactful organisations looking to be more financially sustainable. So if you have the right skills, attitude and professional experience then we'd love you to #JoinUs.

    Who you'd be working with

    Social Enterprises, Start-Ups, NGOs, Social Purpose Businesses looking to make an impact in their communities. They might be pure start-ups, be in their first 1-3 years, looking to scale, or are 20 years into their impact work but are struggling to adapt in the new world. Find out who we have worked with recently and check out some of the current opportunities live on our site.

    Who we're looking for

    • Are you open, pro-active and ready for an adventure?
    • Do you want to take a break to explore how you can make a positive impact in the world?
    • Do you have 6 + years of professional experience and you want share you business skills to make a positive impact?

    Scroll down to find Assignments according to your skill area:


    App Developer, Brand Strategy, Business Development, Business Planning, Communications, Content Editor, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, Film Production, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Marketing and Branding, Risk Analysis and Auditing, Performance Management, Product Design, Process, Management, Public Relations, Strategy Planning, Sales, UX Designer, Web Design


    We are looking for talented individuals like you who want to take some time out and make a difference.

    Let us find you a unique volunteer placement.


  • After quitting my job and a long search into doing something different, the volunteering trip to Sri Lanka helping social startups was the best that could happen to me. I got so much inspiration and motivation that I'm keen to set up my own social startup soon. I thank you so much for making all this happen!

    Johannes Mohr, Packaging & Design Specialist and

    now Co-Founder of Karma Foods, Germany


  • What's Included

    _TheAssignment is flexible volunteering that suits your schedule, from as little as £650.00*


    • A Detailed Host Organisation Profile
    • Joint discussion with client to refine your Job Description and scope of the role
    • For 2 Week Consultancy Assignments we'll do 3 group virtual calls ahead of the start-date
    • You receive a Pre-Programme Guide with budget guidelines and accommodation suggestions
    • A digital toolkit of useful consultancy tools
    • Introduction to your Virtual Programme Support Manager


    • Introduction to in-country partners and/or programme support who know the host organisations
    • The freedom to choose where you live but we provide you with a list of recommendation accommodation options
    • Regular check in sessions with your Virtual Programme Support Manager
    • Opportunity to bolt on additional training & coaching options (see below).
  • Application Process

    1. You apply for a role(s) that you have seen advertised on our website or on Escape the City.
    2. We arrange a recruitment call to get to know you better and find out your motivations for joining the programme
    3. Following the initial chat, we'll give you some feedback as to your suitability for the role and if suitable we share your CV with the host organisation.
    4. Should you want to #JoinUs and the host organisation is happy to take you on board, we'll ask you to secure your place via a non-refundable deposit of £250.00.
    5. We'll then arrange a joint virtual call with your host organisation to discuss the requirements of the role.
    6. You'll then be sent a worked up contract for you and the host organisation to approve. This then becomes your job description and Volunteer Agreement.
    7. Our operations team then introduce you to your Virtual Programme Support Manager
    8. We send out our Pre-Programme Guide, Country Guide, which include budget and accommodation options. We then send you your Pre-Programme Readings and invite you to submit your personal details such as passport scan, travel documents and other required information.
    9. You book your flights, visas and pay your balance within one month from when you secure your place.
    10. You arrive. You meet with your host organisation to define your SMART objectives and get a check in from your Virtual Programme Support Manager to see how you are settling in!
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