• Our Impact

    In 2015, we delivered $174,195 of in-kind professional consultancy services to entrepreneurs across 3 countries, equating to 3,495 hours of consultancy time.

    We worked with 75 social entrepreneurs and a total of 81 volunteer Consultants.

    The types of Entrepreneurs you could work with.

    Check out some of the entrepreneurs, social enterprises and NGOs we have supported in India, Sri Lanka & Brazil.

    The kinds of Skilled Professional who join us on our mission to solve community issues.

    Find out more below about the different types of participants who have joined us on our Immersion Programmes in India, Sri Lanka & Brazil.


    When you sign up for _SocialStarters you join us as a Social Impact Consultant. Using your professional business or specialist skills you support an entrepreneur who is tackling issues in their community.

    Below is a glimpse into some of the work our Consultants have completed.

    Emma Wilson

    Check out Emma's blog post

    A former brand controller at an international corporation, Emma worked with UMeed, a women's empowerment and education
    client in Hyderabad, India.


    Emma supported her client with:

    • Business strategy
    • Financial modeling 
    • Website prototype  

    Paul Goff

    Check out Paul's blog post

    A former supply chain management consultant, Paul joined the Hyderabad, India programme and worked with vRemind, a mobile vaccination tool for parents.


    Paul supported his client with :

    • Marketing strategy
    • Funding strategy 
    • Partnership opportunities 

    Laura Nora

    Check out Laura's blog post

    Laura worked with Livreteria Popular Juraci Nasciment, a mobile library to improve literacy amongst young children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



    Laura supported her client with:

    • Business model re-structuring
    • Internal communications
    • Programme strategy

    Rob Wilson

    Check out Rob's blog post

    While transitioning from investment banking to management consulting, Rob worked with RideIT, an online carpooling service for working professionals.


    Rob supported his client with:

    • Financial modeling
    • Product strategy
    • Design Thinking

    Wendy van Leeuwen

    Check out Wendy's blog post

    Wendy applied her communications background to her work with women's empowerment fashion handbag company, Natura, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


    Wendy supported her client with:

    • Marketing strategy
    • Marketing materials production
    • New sales channels development

    Lizett Trujillo

    Check out Lizett's blog post

    Lizett leveraged her corporate consulting and entrepreneurship background to help her client, Coletivo TRAMA, better connect people to places in Rio, Brazil.


    Lizett supported her client with:

    • Online platform prototype development
    • Business operations analysis
    • Strategic focus


    "The consultant match with our requirements was perfect!"

    Volunteer Consultants supported with

    • Fundraising
    • Marketing and branding

    "The programme was well-planned and our consultants were really good at their work."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Budgeting and financials
    • Branding

    "Our consultant's eye for detail and pro-activeness is something which was great. It was asking for suggestions and working together, not just giving solutions."

    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Budgeting and financials
    • Marketing

    "Being part of a programme on an international scale helped to reinforce to me and the young people that we work with that what we are doing is very important…"

    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Communications
    • Programme Design

    "[The support I received from my volunteer]

    will help to mature my project a lot. The vision for my brand is developing along with my view on the finances and growing sales for my business."

    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Branding 
    • Finance and budgeting

    "Having a new perspective helped us to look at our ideas differently allowing us to do two very important things: exchange our experiences and re-evaluate our project based on the reality that we're working in."

    Volunteer Consultants supported with :

    • Business planning
    • Project implementation
    • Strategic direction

    "Our consultant was genuinely interested in everything we had to say and the ideals we believed in. She put her 100% + into the project and really tailored her plan according to our requirements."


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business planning
    • Marketing
    • Branding

    "We are extremely grateful to _SocialStarters for running such a useful programme, for the benefit of organizations like ours. Thank you!


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Business strategy and development
    • Finance and budgeting
    • Product development

    "It was a good experience! It's nice to work with foreign people and show them the Sri Lankan culture!"


    Volunteer Consultants supported with:

    • Finance and budgeting
    • Marketing
    • Strategic Development
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