Having the opportunity to join a social enterprise start-up in its early changes was an eye-opening experience and has helped shape my future career path in social entrepreneurship. You will have the opportunity to share your voice and past experiences while learning from your client so that you can co-create sustainable change. ” Kylie Philbin, BCG (Boston)

Click below if you would like to be a part of our purpose-driven volunteering community.  We are offering spots on a rolling basis during the recruitment period, so places will go to eligible candidates as soon as they come in. Applying to the programme does not mean instant enrollment, we review and approve all applications and only invite those to join us who meet our eligibility criteria and who we think are ready for this type of experience. It does come at an investment, both in terms of time and the fee. If you’re unsure about your eligibility and would like to speak to a member of the team then feel free to drop us an email to arrange a 10 minute call. Applications for our Incubator open mid February 2018, so if you are a social entrpreneur looking for business growth support register your interest and you’ll be the first to be invited to apply once we’re open.


Volunteer Application Process

1. Online Application

Applications opened early February, so you can now apply. Deadline to apply, get accepted and fully register is 11th March 2018.

It takes on average around 30 minutes to apply and you’ll need to upload a recent CV and submit to us your motivations for joining, your views on volunteering and consulting as well as share some further information about your skills and expeirence.

2. Elibility Check

We will review your application in full to check you meet our elgibility guidlines, and if you are successful we will let you know within 10 working days. We fast track any applications that are submited by people who have volunteered with us previously, or have been given a formal offer to join us. In addition, if you do apply and we’re unsure about eligibility one of the team might be in touch to discuss your application further.

3. Securing your place

If made an offer to join us, we’ll send you a link to submit your full registration details. We’ll use this information to build out your Consultant Profile which we’ll share with our clients during the matching process. As well as Next Of Kin information, we will also ask you to pick the dates of your one-hour onboarding call, which will take place in March. There are currently 3 dates available to reflect multiple timezones, and more will be added as an when we recruit more volunteers. At this stage, full payment of the programme fee will be required to accept the offer to join us and to secure your place on the programme. We will keep all offers open for 3 working days to give you a bit of time to get things in order. Once you’ve secured your place we’ll send you a welcome email, and confirm the date of your onboarding call.

4. Client Matching

We will send you your client pack 6-8 weeks prior to the programme start date in May. Included will be details of the assignment, the client, and what their mission and business challenges are. You might be one of two Consultants working with the same client but you’ll have different assignments.

5. Your Official Onboarding – 1 hour call

Roughly 6 weeks ahead of the programme start date we’ll set up a conference call for all Consultants to receive your pre-programme onboarding. This will include general kick off information, as well as some training on client management, milestones and timelines, objectives and expectations. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Consultants from round the world and learn more about social entrepreneurship from our Founder, Andrea.

6. Introductory Client Call

You will be expected to set up your introductory client call no later than 4 weeks before you start the programme. Together you and the client discuss and finalise the details of the consultancy assignment, making it tailor made for your placement. The client will have received your Consultants Profile and will be briefed on your availability, skill area, and proposed timings so nothing should be a major surprise.

7. Getting Prepared

All Consultants will be invited to submit personal details including a passport scan, any travel documents if coming in from overseas plus any other required information.

We give you access to the _SocialStarters Toolkit in our Welcome Email; as well a Consultancy Guide and our very own Start Up Manual for socially impactful start ups.

For internationals coming into the UK, we will send out our Pre-Programme Guide which includes detailed information about the location, visa requirements and some accommodation options.

You book any flights, sort out any necessary visa, and ensure your accommodation is arranged for any client visits.

8. Starting the programme

After your initial Client Introductory Call it’s important that you set up the first meet & greet: whether it’s online or offline. It’s important to meet with all founders and get to know each other. You also agree terms of the role and define their SMART objectives.

At the end of Week 1 we’ll get together on a conference call to discuss how you’re getting on and share experiences.

You’ll be able to set up a 121 video or voice call with a member of the _SocialStarters team should you wish from week 2.

There’ll be an online space for everyone to share thoughts/comments/troubleshooting requests in relation to their client and the _SocialStarters experience.

9. By the end of the programme

The idea is that you will have been working to pre-agreed milestones and goals within a predetermined timeframe. It will be your role to manage the client’s expectations around this if you think any of the perametres have changed.

You will submit your end of programme report to _SocialStarters, which is a document that showcases the work you have done and the progress the client has made as a result of your support.

You’ll be invited into the _SocialStarters alumni community where you can meet fellow alumni from around the world and make new friends from over 26 countries!