Written by Mariette Huizinger, who is joining us in Brazil this coming October on our final Immersion Programme of the year…

The time, place and opportunity comes together! 

I always had the desire to do volunteering, but now I’m going to do it finally.

This volunteering project is adventurous and with my basic Portuguese language in Brazil I have the perfect base to improve it.

I would love to contribute to a project where all these good things comes together. But overall, I would like to do something for the community, bring good ideas into practice and show that they must believe in their own strength.

After a lot of travelling, I discovered many more beautiful things in life; the different cultures, meeting new people and to share great adventures and experiences.

It’s amazing to make memories together. No matter where in the world, just be in contact you can learn a lot of each other.

So I’m looking forward to live as a local while engrossing myself in an environment that challenges me and makes me a better global citizen.

I’m ready to taste the real Brazilian life and I want to create positive impact for the community in brazil!

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