Paul Goff, a former Supply Chain Consultant at Deloitte in the UK joined us in Hyderabad, India with his girlfriend Emma. Together they’ve been writing a blog about their experiences. 

I felt surprisingly nervous waiting to meet my social enterprise clients clients for the first time. We had been given some background on their business but I was unclear on their expectations of what we could achieve with them.

The background to their social enterprise named vRemind is a fascinating story. About a year ago one of the founders, Nagesh, forgot to take his son to recieve one of his scheduled vaccinates. This sparked a thought process that has taken him and his founders on an incredible journey.

In India over 2 million children’s lives could be saved if they had received their scheduled vaccines. The magnitude of this problem is just staggering. This huge number is driven by a number of factors including: educating parents around the benefits of vaccines, access and affordability (90% of Heath services are administere by private Heath services) of vaccines and remembering the vaccine schedule. In a country of over 1.2 billion, with 22% people living below poverty line of $1.25 income per day the challenge around healthcare is massive.

I was going to be working alongside another _Social Staters consultant, Stéphane who is a business owner, entrepreneur and funding expert from Nairobi.


The first meeting went well and I was taken aback at the passion, capability and  openness of the founders. What they had built in terms of a scalable mobile health solution was amazing. I really felt inspired about their future and very piverledged to support them.

vRemind have developed a push notification SMS service. Which essentially means that a parent can recieve timely vaccination reminders based on their child’s date of birth. This is a free service and will send reminders until the child is 5yrs old. An amazingly simple solution to a massive challenge. vRemind have huge ambitions to reach all parents in India and potentially internationally.

Maternal Child Health_India_1

It’s early days for vRemind, with exciting oppertunities and challenges ahead.

In the time that Stéphane and myself have with vRemind, we will focus on three important areas. (i) development of a marketing plan (ii) identifying and building partnerships, and (iii) creating a funding strategy.

This post was originally posted on Paul & Emma’s blog, and you can read more from them here.