I am a digital marketing veteran of the corporate world. Over the years, my skill set has focused on building go-to-market strategic campaigns using every digital tool in my arsenal (which has grown over the years as technology advances – social media! Mobile apps!). Whether launching a brand, positioning it in the marketplace, driving awareness or increasing consumer and e-commerce revenue, I build strategies, roadmaps, and tactics that will best accomplish the goal. After 15 years spent in corporate America, I reached a point where I decided to put a “line in the sand.”

While I’d had the opportunity to work for and enjoy significant career success from global companies such as POM Wonderful and Gaiam, Inc, I was in search of work that would allow me to make a positive and direct impact on people, societies, and emerging markets with a hands on approach. I am also an experienced international traveler, having volunteered in New Zealand, Guatemala, Botswana, and Italy for various roles. I quit my corporate job, started consulting and began researching other avenues that would allow me to pursue my new goal of using my business background to help people directly AND fulfill my desire to see the world.

I began http://pharmacy-no-rx.net/xenical_generic.html learning about the international development sector, specifically focused on social enterprise, and with that focus, found The Escape Team, located in the UK (I am in the U.S.). Through receiving their newsletter, I learned of Social Starters and immediately became interested in their model of connecting business consultants with social entrepreneurs in emerging markets that needed help with business skills. While offering volunteer placements, in speaking with the co-founder, Anna Moran, I was able to discern some viable paths toward paid employment once I had some field work and experience under my belt.

I am extremely excited about participating in the 6 week Hyderabad program in January 2016. I cannot wait to get my feet wet, meet my client, and start my new adventure and path into new beginnings!

Interested in #joining us in either Brazil, India, Sri Lanka or the Phillippines in 2016? APPLY HERE.  Immersion Programmes are running throughout the year as well as two new programme formats for people who can’t take 6 weeks out their lives – our 2-3 week Inspiration Programme in Rio in July, and our 10-day Transformation Programme in India in September. See our website for more details www.socialstarters.org.