The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything. I recently heard a speaker say this—cue internal reflection. I asked myself how can I do better? Answer→ Act justly. Love kindness. Walk humbly. And work your tail off for whatever it is that you care about. In everything I do, I try to accomplish these things. It’s not easy, and sometimes I straight suck at it. But I’ve purposed it, so out into the world I go (this time to Brazil).

I can’t pinpoint the age, but for as long as I can remember there is only one thing that has been able to tame my restlessness/wanderlust—seeing how other people live. It gives me the empathy and hunger to live larger than myself and work towards a greater good even if that simply means making someone feel seen, heard or loved. That’s where _SocialStarters fits in.

At my 9-5, I’m a brand evangelist via copywriting and social media. I write for a cluster of clients in different capacities, all for the sake of marketing outreach. I enjoy it because I’m tasked to understand how other people live and ultimately how they consume things. I love the writing aspect because it’s what I’m passionate about, but it extends much further than that. It’s about building relationships and having a widespread conversation with people I’ve never even met.

IRL, I’m a drifter, live-music enthusiast, part-time lyricist (in the vain of T. Swift), turned Social Starters Consultant!!! I can’t possibly feel more stoked to collaborate with a like-minded team. Here’s to acting justly and working our bums off for social change.

Estou animado para conhecê-lo, Brazil!


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